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  1. I forced "in between mode" on my computer. My system is a native 64-Bit system, and so by putting "arch=i386" into the Boot.plist, I was forcing 48-Bit Mode. The default Kext for Wireless worked for me on 10.6.0, then on 10.6.1 of course it decided not to work. So I inserted my install DVD of 10.6.0 RETAIL, and replaced the Kext. It worked perfectly and I have repeated the same thing with 10.6.2. The 64-Bit version of the Kext I haven't bothered to try, although come the next 10.6 Update, I may remove the i386 string from my Boot.plist and see if it works OOTB, as I have heard rumours that Apple included a 64-Bit Version of this kext in 10.6.1. cocotutch
  2. Solved. I found the Kext I needed. Took a LOT of digging around.
  3. I just converted my External Pioneer DVR-X152 drive into an Internal Drive so I can increase my productivity when I have to rapidly copy DVD's full of my home movies and such. This works under Windows 7 but not Snow Leopard. I'm looking for a Kext that will support this device. Anybody know one for me? My Motherboard: Asus P5Q Pro. My HDD and my First DVD Drive is SATA, this drive is IDE, I didn't know this until I dismantled it, so I installed it anyway thinking that Snow Leopard would accept the IDE Drive like it did for my ageing Intel Core Duo iMac. Any help? cocotutch EDIT: It seems that for my Motherboard I need IOAppleATA as the Kext. But that seems to be non-existent. Anyone know of a replacement/update/newer kext that supports my Mobo? EDIT 2: Marvel IDE Controller.
  4. "Chain Booting Error"

    You need to DELETE the Windows Partition from Disk Utility.app on the OS X Boot DVD. Stretch the OS X partition to occupy the FULL HDD, then Partition it. After that, make a new Windows Partition and install Windows 7 and EasyBCD, that will work. It's how I fixed the Chain Booting Error that I had. It seems there is too many EFI/MBR Hidden System partitions that are confusing the Windows Booter giving you that error. Hope it helps, cocotutch
  5. Problem booting iATKOSv7 installer

    AHCI is the setting that Mac OS X uses to Boot/Install. You know when you burn a DVD/CD and it has the UDF Format? So it reads on any system? That's the one, and if You format it to that you'll probably increase your chances of it booting. Yeah, because you are using Windows, all the Files will show up. Make sure you have MacDrive as I said, and right click the Mounted ISO/DVD and click Show Mac Files, copy ALL of them, then go back and right click on the Mounted CD/DVD/USB/ISO and click Show Windows Files and copy them also. Then go to boot from it. After you've copied the files, don't look inside the USB, because it will only show the Windows Files or Mac Files. It can freak you out sometimes. Just leave it in and boot from it at startup. cocotutch
  6. iAtkos v7 and easyBCD

    You could try the "cpus=1" boot flag inside the Chameleon GUI. It sounds like you have a Multi-Core Processor, like Core 2 Quad or i7 or even i5. Things tend to happen and MAYBE that will work, I really don't know. It's just a guess. You could always try. cocotutch
  7. Grey screen on boot

    Have you configured your BIOS to AHCI? If not that would be the KEY REASON why Darwin won't load Mac OS X Properly. An alternative, if you could for me, enter Chameleon, press a key before the Timeout, and then enter "-v" and press Enter, and post the part where it hangs in the Booting Process. Most likely it will be a "Still waiting for boot device", but it could be something else. cocotutch
  8. Problem booting iATKOSv7 installer

    Don't format the USB Drive as HFS+, keep it as the default Universal ISO/Bootable DVD Format (ISO ..somenumbers). As an alternative you can always Install MacDrive and VirtualCloneDrive and mount the Image and copy all files manually including the Windows Files (right click and choose Show Windows/Mac Files once MacDrive is installed and copy BOTH lots to the same drive) and then boot from it. Make sure your BIOS is configured for AHCI. cocotutch
  9. HELP ME! :'(

    Okay first thing is first, calm down Boot back into the iPC DVD choose your language and then click the Arrow. Wait until the Menu at the top of the screen appears then click "Utilities" and open "Disk Utility". Click your Mac OS X Partition that you made, and erase it. (Click Partition, Erase (in tab bar), select Mac OS Extended (Journaled) as Format then click Erase button). Try installing again, MAKE SURE that "Chameleon 2" package is selected in the "Customize" window of the installer. Hope this helps, nothing is ever lost. cocotutch
  10. iAtkos v7 and easyBCD

    You need to have EasyBCD pointing to C:\ drive for Mac OS X. Sounds odd I know, but it works. Delete the existing entry for Mac OS X and make another One "Mac OS X" of type "Generic x86 PC" and then click Add then Save. Then check C:\ through my computer. If the folder "NST" is there with the file "nst_mac.mbr" inside it, then install iReboot (from same company, its free. Google for it) and it will allow you to switch OS'es from the Windows Taskbar. That should let you boot into Chameleon. I had the same problem, assuming I point EasyBCD to the Mac Partition won't work. EDIT: If it still won't work but the NST folder with the file inside it is on C:\ copy it to the root of the Macintosh HD drive. Try that. cocotutch
  11. May I ask why you are trying to install iATKOS v7 with VMWare? Why can't you burn a Bootable Disc Image? You CAN use UltraISO or Alcohol120%, you don't need Disk Utility or access to a ordinary Mac you know.
  12. Dual Boot Question

    Problem Solved. It turned out to be a combination of things, EasyBCD 2.0 beta build 76 may have helped in getting it working, i would not know. Problem 1: EFI and MBR/WINDOWS Hidden Partitions, there were too many, left over from when I last had a DB Setup going. Problem 2: Wrong version of EasyBCD. For Snow Leopard and Windows 7 I recommend EasyBCD 2.0 build 76. Problem 3: Placed interfering files in root of Macintosh HD to try and alleviate the problem (Boot0 and Chain0). Deleting the Windows Partition and extending my Mac side to occupy 100% of the HDD, erased the unnecessary Hidden Partitions, allowing a Dual Boot. cocotutch
  13. Glad you got it working! At least you can Dual Boot at the moment, Snow Leopard refuses to work with Windows 7 STILL. cocotutch
  14. Hi There. Yesterday I tried a Dual-Boot scenario with Mac OS X Snow Leopard RETAIL and Windows 7 on my Hackintosh. Windows 7 booted like a charm, but OS X refused to boot (the Windows Bootloader was giving me "Chain Booting Error"). How could I go about making a Dual Boot with these two OS's? My Dual Boot technique has worked in the past, except I had Leopard and Windows 7 and that seemed to work just fine. My Method: Open up EasyBCD 1.7.2 and add an OS X option to the Bootloader. Save. Install iReboot. Reboot to OSX. *Boots into OS X* But this time I was getting: Open up EasyBCD 1.7.2 and add an OS X option to the Bootloader. Save. Install iReboot. Reboot to OSX. *Chain Booting Error!* And Chameleon wasn't loading (Chameleon 2.0 RC4). Anyone care to help?
  15. Clone Hard Drive

    I just physically used Disk Utility's "Restore" function. It worked great and Chameleon RC4 worked like a charm and my FULL OS X Snow Leopard installation was working 100% (in fact, i'm on it now). Seems to be the best way to do it. I had to copy 89GB of Files and it took 2 Hours exactly. Gotta love Apple at a time like that... cocotutch