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    iBook G3 not installing OS X Tiger

    Ok, I have managed to get tiger to install, By using the firewire method. But still gets the error along with this one sometimes "pmap". How does one go about fixing these boards? I have looked at the GPU and it seems to be fine. I did get it to boot fully into tiger for about a half hour, Updated it to the latest, Now it will not boot at all. Just keeps coming up with that error at the boot screen. Thanks for everyones help so far.
  2. ShelbyGT550

    iBook G3 not installing OS X Tiger

    I hate to bump, But I need the ibook for monday, So would really like to get this done. Please help me out as I need it for school work.
  3. I recently recived a iBook G3, Specs are 600Mhz, 635Mb Ram, 20Gb HDD. I go to install OS X Tiger and it either shows "You Have To Restart Your Computer......) or a System Failure: CPU=0 (Unaligned Stack) error. Please help as I really rather use Tiger over Panther. This is as it boots the CD for install. When it spits the error code in the background is the apple boot screen
  4. ShelbyGT550

    ADI 1980 problem

    Hi, I have a Dell Dimension 3000, It is a Intel Pentium 4 HT 3.0Ghz socket 478, ADI 1980 onboard sound, Onboard Intel Video, Onboard Lan. So far I have gotten everything to work except for the audio. I am running iDeneb 10.5.8, Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance