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  1. velchinaski

    Zydas ZD-1211 driver

    Hi I need Zydas driver for Snow Leopard 64 bit help my please ?
  2. Hi Giorgio It's my pleasure to add your comments I did upgrade iDeneb 1.4 with iDeneb Combo Upgrade and everything works. I did not backup sound kext Have nice day Ciao velCHINASKI
  3. Hi this is components : GeForce 9600GT and Core Duo Intel E5200 =karnel Vanilla iATKOS SYSTEM Bootloader Chameloeon 0.2 X86 Patches Extra D DSDT Decrypters Apple Decdypters SMBIOS DRIVER SMBIOS Resolver DISABLER DRIVERS NVIDIA Old Enablers NVinject 0.2.1 SYSTEM SATA/IDE INTEL SATA/IDE SOUND Azalia AD PS/2 Mouse Keybord ( Install if you have PS/2) NETWORK Realtek 1000 POST-INSTALL ACTIONS Reboot and happy new working iATKOS v7 10.5.7 HAVE NICE DAY velCHINASKI
  4. Hi Thx for answer You can specify the exact configuration for my ASROCK G31M-S exactly what components of the system chosen iATKOS v7 ? Or iDeneb Combo Upgrade please ?Just as you did in the first post Mike
  5. Hi Giorgio ! Ho fatto maggio questione se gli aggiornamenti alla versione 10.5.7???