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  1. Thank you MaLd0n or followed the advice for usb. (usb 2.0/3.0 | 3.1 /tipo C full speed) I ask you another tip on the CPU the frequeza ghz always works at the top I do not use ssdt. or tried also with ssdt but it does not change .. Am I wrong?
  2. Hello Maldon or used your method installation. or just a problem with usb ports Cpu: i5 6400 Asus Z170-A Ram 2x4GB DDR4 2400Mhz. Gigabayte RX 580 4GB. M2 DELL Wifi-Bluetooth - Bios Load Optimized Defaults - Bios Config: - AI Tweaker \ Ai Overclock tuner -> Auto - Advanced \ CPU Configuration -> Intel Virtualizaiton Technology: Enabled - Advanced \ System Agent (SA) Configuration -> Vt-d: Disabled - Advanced \ System Agent (SA) Configuration \ Graphics Configuration -> Primary Display: PEG - Advanced \ PCH Configuration -> IOAPIC 24-119 Entries: Enabled - Advanced \ Onboard Devices Configuration -> RGB LED Lighting -> When system is in sleep,hibernate or soft off states: OFF - Advanced \ AMP Configuration -> Power On By PCI-E/PCI - Advanced \ Network Stack Configuration -> Network Stack: Disabled - Advanced \ USB Confguration -> Legacy USB Support: Auto - Boot -> Fast Boot : Disabled - Boot -> Secure Boot -> OS Type : Other OS I am attaching the RunMe: Send me iMac-di-GIBBA.zip
  3. p4antonio

    [ Mojave 10.14.2] Problema Porte USB 3.

    se metto GUPC(One) esempio: su HS01 Hs02 Spariscono le porte SS04 e SS04 e SS05 da ioreg
  4. Salve O provato a mappare le porte usb su SSDT-4-xh_rvp08 inserendo Zero sulle porte in + e togliendo USBInjectAll.kext / patch limit. Il problema è se inserisco una penna usb 2.0 nelle porte usb 3.0 non la vede. E normale o fatto un errore io ? Mia configurazione. Cpu 15 6400 Asus Z170-a Gigabayte RX 580 4GB Allego 2 cartelle Iniziale (pulita e con F4 al boot di Clover /Kext usb/ patch limit / e un ioreg). Finale ( che o provato a modificare SSDT-4-xh_rvp08).
  5. Ciao @MaLd0n I installed on this PC macOS Mojave v.10.14.1 Dell Optiplex 7010 Mini-Tower Cpu i5 3570 3,40ghz turbo 3,8ghz. Ram 2x4GB DDR3 1600mhz. Rx Pulse 560 2GB SSD 860 evo DW1560 Wifi + Bluetooth you can give a check I am attaching the folder created with RunMe thank you
  6. high Sierra installed in HFS Hello or inserted the Clover folder in EFI the PC sometimes freezes and I have to forge the restart. and sometimes in BOOT it reboots continuously. New Send me.2.zip https://drive.google.com/open?id=12qSbb34trgE0foTNStr0yNkYv59-XEF1
  7. Hello MaLd0n or built new PC can you check whether or done well? Intel i3-8350K Gigabyte GAZ370n-Wifi 2x8 GB ddr4 2400mhz Sapphire RX 560 4GB https://drive.google.com/open?id=1M06rQ9x9BosdGai5DLd7sx0VNmMpEqlO
  8. Hello MaLd0n can you check if the EFI is well created? thank you. PC configuration: Pentium 4560 / GA-B250M-DS3H / Ram 2x8Gb DRR4 2400Mhz / Asus gtx 660 ti 2gb. installed:OS X 10.12.6 (16G29). I am attaching you to RunMe. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1avdABvxnG6rqymjeM5uHs3e6bCW93l71
  9. hello MaLd0n you can control this pc from the living room. thank you. Cpu i5 7500 Gigabayte GA-H270N-WIFI 4+4GB ddr4 2400mhz.
  10. Thanks MaLd0n I attach you to: new ioreg and Config and drivers photos. Thanks for all.
  11. my configuration: CPU I5-7500 Gigabyte H270N-AC ITX Ram 2x8GB DDR4 2400MHz RX 560 2GB NVMe SSD 960 BCM94532Z WiFi+Bluetooth High Sierra 10.13. (apfs). I wonder if the clover is fine. I attach dsdt and ioreg. thank you.
  12. ThinkCentre M800 CPU Intel Core i3-6100 Nvidia GT 710 2GB. Ram 4+4Gb DDR4 2400Mhz Chipset Intel Q150 Audio Realtek ALC662 <—no sound. Intel Ethernet Connection I219-LM. I ask if you can fix it The DSDT for ThinkCentre M800 And what can I do to repair audio ?. thank you.