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  1. Has anyone had issues with eSata drives? I have an OWC Mercury Elite Mini (Oxford 934DSB chipset), and since 10.6.4 I've had intermittent (but increasingly) issues with eSata drives not being detected/mounted after an eSata drive was unmounted and ejected. The drive is detected on bootup, but once it's been ejected and removed, plugging it in again on the eSata port doesn't trigger anything. Disk Utility can't see it either.
  2. wonkywonky

    Zotac 630i mini ITX

    Bump on that...I've tried iPC 10.5.6 (almost all revisions), Kalyway 10.5.2, but either get stuck with the dreaded "waiting for root device" or get a kernel panic at kernel_mount() and would appreciate some advice from those who've had success with the Zotac NF630i miniITX series.