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    My mother bored is ASUS p4sdx,my chipset is old so I can't instell macosx86,do anyone can helpme?For example:use some software let mychipset be new can instell macosx86,or only I should change my motherbored
  2. Well,Idon't know.Let's use FAT
  3. I have the macosx86 10.4.4to10.4.5PatchDVD,If someone want it,you can tell me and tell your email,I will give you BT file
  4. brown


    Hello,everybody.My name is Brown Que. I'm live in Taiwan.I'm a junior high scholl student. Maybe i'm too young,but my computer ability is good.' Welcom to my blog-----MacOStiger BLOG
  5. brown

    Where is Maxxuss?

    Yes,where is he now?He's a good programer. I'm envy him so much.
  6. brown

    10.4.7 is out

    Does anyone can tell me how to instell macosx86 10.4.4 patch on inte?l