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  1. I also had a successful install, here is my guide to getting mine to work. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...=0#entry1186563
  2. This is a step-by-step guide to installing LawlessPPC 10.5.4. (Including problems I ran into and how to easily fix them) This is meant for people with these specific components, however you are more than welcome to try these methods using other components. Here are the specific components this was installed under. 3.2 Ghz AMD Athlon x2 (Works out of the box) GA-MA78GM-S2H Motherboard (SB700) RealTek ALC889a Audio (Needs kext) (Easy find & fix) LAN = Realtek 8111C from motherboard (Works out of the box) Geforce 8800 GTS (640 MB) (Needs kext – easy find & fix) Step 1) Download LawlessPPC from your favorite source. Step 2) Burn to a DVD using the lowest burning setting, I had mine on x4 speed. The reasoning for this is the slower you burn, the less likely it will potentially be screwed up. Step 3) Ensure that you have a hard drive or partitioned hard drive prepared so that you can install. (If you do not, please go into the device manager and set it up. If you are unsure where it is please use Google, it is your friend. Problem 1 + Fix) The next step is where I began having problems. I had 1 IDE burner, 1 IDE HD, and 2 SATA HD’s. For days I was trying different methods and was unable to get it to work correctly. I was getting “still waiting for root device” constantly, so here is what I did. I took out my IDE HD and my IDE DVD drive and purchased a SATA DVD drive. The way I set it up is by making my DVD drive master and the SATA HD I wanted to install on slave. Now that I had all this setup I could begin the next phase. Step 4) I went into my BIOS and switched the setting on my SATA drives from Native-IDE to ACPI. Step 5) Next I made sure that my DVD was the first boot device. Step 6) I then booted up from the DVD and used no commands on the bootloader screen. Step 7) After the installation screen pops up select your language. Step 8) Then proceed to the disk utility, which is under utilities in the menu at the top. Step 9) Under disk utility select the HD you would like to erase and format. (You can also mess around with partitions here) Then under the erase tab select “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)” and give it a name. I called mine “Macintosh HD”. Step 10) After that you can close Disk Utility. Step 11) Next you will select which HD you would like to install Leopard onto. Step 12) Keep going until you get to the screen and where you will see a Customize button. Step 13) The only thing I did here was select my graphics card kext, left the top option and REMOVED the languages option. No other kexts were installed. We will get to that later. Step 14) Then I proceeded to install. (You can skip the disk verify if you wish.) Step 15) Next I rebooted and this time I booted from my HD where Leopard was installed. Step 16) When it comes up it gave me a problem with my keyboard so you have to go through that and simply follow the on screen directions. Congratulations, you have just installed OSX Leopard. Now, onto the problems you might encounter... Problem 2 + Fix) After getting into OSX you may find that when you try and change your resolution you can’t and its stuck at 1024 x 768. What I had to do was go to google and search for NVKUSH. This took me to a site where I was able to download my kexts for my video card. I simply let the auto installer run, restarted and it worked. Problem 3 + Fix) Next I had to get my audio drivers working, so I went to insanelymac’s forums and looked up my driver that was the ALC889a and downloaded it. Now to install this kext I downloaded another program called Kext helper. You can find this on Google. Problem 4 + Fix) As I am using dual monitors I have had some problems with my computer going to sleep and only waking up one side of my screen. This also causes the desktop to freeze up, however programs seem to work fine (if you can see them). I always restarted and found this problem to have gone away. My only solution thus far to this problem is to disable the computer from going to sleep and just having my monitors turn off after 15 minutes. I will try to reply to any questions anyone has. I hope this helps!