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  1. I have a Toshiba laptop M30-801 and the 10.4.6 DVD. I try to make a native install, but I can't pass the initial gray apple screen. I could install previous versions.
  2. Don't pass the apple screen

    Well, it seems that there is no solution. How can I add my laptop to the wiki as non compatible?
  3. Don't pass the apple screen

    No idea? I could install in my pentium 4 box. Curiously, in previous versions, I could install in my laptop, but not in my p4. My laptop is a Toshiba M30 Centrino.
  4. I'm trying to install 10.4.6 in my toshiba laptop (Centrino). I could install previous versions, but this time, the installation doesn't pass the first screen with the apple and the wheel continuously spinning. Is there any walkaround to solve that?
  5. Cmedia 8738

    Try the one I mention above. I had the same problem as you and that one worked for me.
  6. AC97 sound in 10.4.6

    I have sound!!! With C-Media 8738 driver that a user posted here http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=1656&hl=
  7. I finally solved it with the C-Media 8738 that I found in that topic: http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=1656&hl= I have sound in 10.4.6
  8. Cmedia 8738

    It worked with that!!! I'm listening a MP3 right now in 10.4.6
  9. Cmedia 8738

    Can you tell me how to recompile by myself? I have 10.4.6 too. I downloaded your file, but still get the superclass error.
  10. Cmedia 8738

    Same problem here. Any solution yet?
  11. I followed all steps and the kext loads ok, but I still have no sound at all. I have integrated sound in ASUS motherboard. It doesn't detect any audio device.
  12. AC97 sound in 10.4.6

    I'm sorry. I didn't find by AC97. Anyway, I'm still without sound. The kext load succesfully, but I have no sound devices. Any ideas?
  13. AC97 sound in 10.4.6

    Hi everyone. This is my first post. I have installed 10.4.6 in my P4. The installation went ok following the wiki installation guide. Even my Belkin PCI WiFi card was detected and I could join my wireless lan perfecly. Just one thing that doesn't work: the sound. The guide advises that, and I followed the steps. I downloaded AppleAC97Audio.kext, but when typing kextload, I get an error because "the file is not authentic". Anyone had this error?