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  1. ATI Alpha Driver & Source

    i agree with you here, please don't split the topics or make the thread private. I can't do anything to help develop as I know very little about programming, but I love watching the development and learning what I can from this thread.
  2. iTunes 5!

    works, but it caused the spinning pinwheel thing at all times when just on the finder? it's weird, but everything still runs... i guess i'll just restart another time and see if it keeps going Edit:: it didn't do the pinwheel thing on this boot, so no problems here!
  3. iTunes 5!

    hooray i'm downloading now, i'll post back with the resutls in a few
  4. i have to do the same with the d-link
  5. What web browser are you using? *State Here*

    i'm using safari, as it's the fastest browser for me. deer park and firefox were both slow, although firefox worked with flash
  6. Amazing, i went out to best buy today and picked up the d link, plugged it in with drivers installed and it immediately recognized my network! it is $20 after mail ins as well, which isnt't terrible. Thanks to everyone who has posted in this thread!
  7. jeez, i had no idea i was wrong about calling it os x... everyone i've ever met has called it that, dang. and http://www.safalra.com/science/linguistics...nustorvalds.mp3
  8. Post Here If You Boot Slow...

    mine boots SO slow without platform=x86pc , but decently fast with it. unfortunately platform=x86pc disables my ps2 keyboard and mouse, so it's really of no use to me.
  9. Some Success, Some Failure

    I dd'ed the deadmoo image to a spare hard drive and installed the maxxus patch, and got everything working but sound. it ruuns decent right now, but definitely not fast. when i try and boot with platform=x86pc it starts up really fast, but my ps2 mouse and keyboard don't work at all. is there a way to fix this?
  10. Ati9600 128mo Can't Change Resolution

    Oh alright thanks. I am still having to boot with -x so i hope this works. Edit: Worked perfectly! Thanks!
  11. Ati9600 128mo Can't Change Resolution

    what tutorial is this?