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  1. Olá amigos! I have some useful code that I expect to release soon - the first delivery will be some virtualization support. For reasons that I hope are obvious, I prefer to remain completely anonymous. But I would like to have a definite website to distribute my code from, rather than using one of the file hosts. You would be welcome to mirror anything I distribute, but I would like a central location for all of my work. While I could use one of the free webhosts, I would prefer not to have ads, and expect that some unfriendly people might object to some of the software I'll be writing, and so would demand that it be taken down. It would be best if the server were physically located in a country that doesn't concern itself with software patents or the Digital Millenium Copyright Act. I don't actually need a shell account, if you're concerned for your system security. There are scp-only shells available, that allow one to upload web content with scp (Secure Copy - it's based on SSH). I definitely do need to use SCP though, rather than FTP, so my password will be encrypted. Muito Obrigado, Transistor Man