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  1. access to windows partition

    sorry for not being as clear at first, i had succesfully installed Mac OS X and which is the main os that i boot into, on my desktop, the HDD icon "Untitled" i would presume is my windows partition (Windows NTFS as read in disk utility) and whn i double click it brings up windows files. so i guess to clear things up, i cant access the windows partition via mac os x or on boot up. i did re-install the Chameleon v2 bootloader and was able to get to the main Cv2 boot screen. it gives me three options, one of them being my Untitled (here, named Windows NTFS) partition of my HDD. clicking on it i thought it would load into windows from there, but instead it brings up BOOT.MGR is missing press.....to restart. so i was thinking that using my windows install disk would i be able to use start up repair and would the be able to fix the problem? and would it do any other problems with my mac partition? and as for NTFS-3G i have downloaded the program and i guess i was successfully able to mount the NTFS partition, but im not exactly sure what to do after that, the instructions that came with it arent very helpful. so thanks for your response, any other help would be appreciated.
  2. access to windows partition

    ok, so i have a near perfect install on my desktop here, and am pretty happy with the results. i split the partition in two, half for windows, and half for os x. i have the HDD image on my desktop titled "Untitled" can anyone help me access this half of my hard drive? i used iAtkos v7 with chameleon v2 bootloader. thanks in advance.
  3. Dell M1330 black screen after install?

    really? is anyone gonna give me any advice whatsoever?
  4. so after several different attempts i have repeatedly ended out at a black screen after install, and once it reboots it goes to a blue screen and seems like its gonna work, but then turns black. ive read other thrads on here and i guess its related to GMA X3100, but reading on there, i would figure something out, but then read a little more and become even more confused! i tried several commands at boot (-x -v -f -s) and a different combos. i used 4 different distros: iDeneb 10.5.5 Kalyway 10.5.2 iPC 10.5.6 and iAtkos v5 and v4 iAtkos seems to be the only one i could get anywhere with because the others wouldnt load at all, or wouldnt finish installation while both versions of iAtkos (4 and 5) would both complete full installation, would reboot and and then go to a black screen. Help is needed!!! Dell M1330 Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2GHz 4GB DDR2 Ram 250GB hard drive @ 5400rpm Ultra ATA Intel GMA X3100 any other info i could provide by request, but please help! Thanks!!!
  5. my first one is that my USB devices wont mount, i enabled pug and play and the other option listed in the tutorial, but still didnt work, i then downloaded the program listed and used it but it downgrade my system.kext to 9.2.0, but my kernel is at 9.2.2, not sure how to downgrade the kernel though. the second one is that if i leave the system alone long enough, i guess it goes to sleep mode, and when i try to wake it up, my mouse disappears! i really dont know why, but i do plan on continuing reading through some posts to see if i could find an answer. thanks in advance!
  6. The Internet 40 years ago