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  1. Again thanks DD for all your work and everyone else! Followed the 10.5 guide the first time and just got 10.6.2 on my computer with RC3 boot loader. Everything works great! Except one small problem. Used CruiSAr guide to get to sleep/wake, but on wake I get a black screen in 32 and 64. Followed guide exactly. Graphics card's fans still spinning though. Any ideas? I have a 9800 GT 1024 and used graphics string to get to work. Removed all the Graphics kexts. Fully functional under all other conditions. Has anyone gotten sleep to work successfully with this card?
  2. Will this fix the sleep issue? The wifi card works 80% of the time realtek1000.kext with 1.25 bios and 10.6.2. That would be amazing. Going to try any way, but wanted to see if any can confirm this.
  3. Install SNOW LEOPARD 10.6 on ACER ASPIRE ONE D250

    i would also appreciate any information on this. i did same install and what kexts, bios settings, and did you use sleep enabler for 10.6.3 (he has a prerelease) or 10.6.2 I currently have bios 1.25, sleepenabler for 10.6.2, and an acer aod250-1584. Still no sleep though, but sound and everythig else worked. My wifi card worked out of the box using NBI 0.8.3 RC5. From that install I just removed the two PS2 kexts and installed the voodoo PS2 controler, and I removed the reltek kext and installed voodoohda Also forgot to say, my aspire goes through a weird loop when I try to get it to sleep. Its did this before updating bios, sleepenabler, and from 10.6 to 10.6.2. It will "sleep" (actually I think it shuts down), then it goes through the Acer boot screen, then instantly tries to restore the desktop (its all greyed out desktop with the white bars at the bottom showing the progress), and then turns back off right before it loads. It just repeats like this constantly and the only way I can get it to stop is to pull the drive out and mount it on my other computer. Anyone else have this problem? I really need to fix this as I got this netbook for my fiance for med school and it needs to sleep or I have to go back to windows.....and from what I have seen windows 7 is really slow on this computer.
  4. Thank you so much DD! This is the best guide I found. I have read through most of this guide and many others, I just had one quick question-I hope you haven't re asked it for the 10th time! I have a pretty standard rig and I was going to install OSX from my macbook using USB/SATA connector. Once back in my rig, does it matter what drive is the slave and which one is the master. I was going to have vista on the "master" (for gaming) and OSX installed on the "slave" (for general awesomeness) I think this will work from what I have read before. Thanks, BF