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  1. Help to build aegisub

    I know that feeling, im getthing depresed too, seem no one can build this thing, so i loged into the aegisub irc chanel and ask, a guy given me the next link http://ftp.aegisub.org/pub/tinderbox/osx/?C=M;O=D here the programers upload his daily work in builds, but aren't stable versions, and arn't released for public use, only for develope purposes, but you can try using any of this releases.
  2. Well, monts later, but here is how to do that. You only need to do the next: open wine helper > wine menu > configure wine > drivers tab > there you can see where is alocated the wine folder finder > open any folder >  + shift + g >and enter the path to the folder (you obtained this path in the steep above) for me is "/Users/Red/.wine/", then you can navigate easely trought folders inside wine directory, and find the dll's place.