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  1. [GUIDE] Snow Leopard on GA-H57M-USB3

    Great News !! Congratulations !!!
  2. Good morning: First of all take it easy. It requires a little patience. I have had success because of luck and experience with my first motherboard GA-EP45-DS3L wich is nearly identical to these one. The most important think is to build a DSDT.aml. I have read a little and your graphics card is not included in ACPI Patcher Beta 5, the program I use to make a DSDT.aml. Therefore I suggest first to build a DSDT with only ethernet and sound card included and graphics card should be put in com.apple.boot.plist. As said before, I have followed blackosx's DS3L's guide using his Boot CD and a retail Snow Leopard DVD in a second partition. In first partition I have installed Chameleon and I have put in Extras folder exactly the same kexts I used with my DS3L. By now it runs everything perfect in Snow Leopard 10.6.1 (updated). Only issue is sleeping wich does not run well, but that is something does not matter very much for me. Try first what I have said and ask anything you want if I can help you !! Good Luck
  3. I am pleased to announce I have a full working SL system including audio. My system is: GA-EP45-UD3L F7 Intel E6300 Core2DUO 4 Gb RAM Nvidia GeForce 7300 GS 512 Mb Therefore I have first made a DSDT.aml including ethernet, graphics card and sound card using ACPI Patcher Beta 5 in windows. After that I have modified it with iaslMe to fix CMOS reset. I have made 2 partitions, one including chameleon and the other with Mac OSX Snow Leopard. Everything has worked fine from the beginning without any kernel panic. I have performed an installation following blackosx's guide and using his ds3l boot cd as I had done before with my other EP45-DS3L motherboard. I am very happy now !!!
  4. Very Good News !! Thank you very much !! I will give it a try today !! There is something I don't understand by now. This motherboard is nearly identical to GA-EP45-DS3L. I have had success installing SL on this one, including sound. Have you tried blackosx's guide ? I think it should run. Anyway yesterday I bought an UD3L one and I will have a try following your method first. I will tell you something. I think it is very important working with DSDT. Thank you very much for everything. I will tell you my improvements.
  5. Well, I can report everything runs perfect by now. No KP at all but sleep never wakes up. So for me it's better not to access sleep for now. Greetings
  6. Now I can proudly say I'm writing down from Snow Leopard !!! At last !!!!!!!!!! Thank you very much all you people, especially my friend blackosx for never giving up. After 30 minutes no kernel panic at all !!!! Thank you again !!!
  7. I think it would help very much to know everyone's system here, especially graphics card, CPU, Memory type and quantity and any additional hardware, so that we can work together in small similar groups. Otherwise everone will work harder. What do you all think ?
  8. Hi, robotfactory. It is very simple. You should do it with Terminal. I suspect you are trying to copy it directly to chameleon's root. In Terminal, as it is described in blackosx's guide, you should write down following: cd (then a space) then drag the ‘Netkas' boot v10.1 - Add to root of Cham Volume’ folder to the Terminal mv -f boot /Volumes/Cham/ Good Luck
  9. Yes, I think so. I have included com.apple.boot.plist for 32 bits installer. I think it's OK. Isn`t it? Just in case I bypass my first shown problem, I have understood I should afterwards install chameleon on cham partition. But all these must be done in leopard 10.5.8 system. Only think I don't understand by now is what is the difference between USB and the other method. It seems to be the same. I want additionally comment something strange for me. Apparently blackosx and myself have got same BIOS F10 but here I have seen some differences, but I don't know if they are important. I'll tell you all my progress !! Thanks to all !!
  10. Well, as I was tired of kernelpanics in first method, even after having applied both fix methods. So I decided to perform USB installation, but I always got following message just after having chosen installation preferences and location of installation and when system is about to beginning installation. Now I have some doubts: - In USB pen UUID should only be changed in SMBIOS.plist or in PlatformUUID.kext too? - Could my problem has to be with bad re-compiled dsdt.aml ? I mean, I have downloaded blackosx's cmos reset fix's dsdt.aml and it is shown as linux executable file, instead of mine, which is shown as document file At this moment I am a little lost, but I will not give up
  11. Well , I have done a first attempt, after reading carefully blackosx's guide, but have performed the initial method (without USB pen). I have a com.apple.boot.plist with my preferences, my graphics card string and 32bits snow leopard as system prefered. I have got a dsdt with all excepting graphics card, which is described as generic nvidia 512 mb graphics card. I think I have performed everything step by step, but after first reboot I have got a message that ask me to restart my system (right after apple logo). I thing it has to be with fact that my dsdt.asl is not good compiled. Meanwhile I have prepared a USB pen with the other method just in case I need to perform the other method. See you
  12. [Guide] Using DSDT with the Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L

    After knowing my DSDT is valid, I wanted to fix CMOS reset bug in order to install Snow Leopard. Therefore I have used iaslMe. I have changed line describe in your guide, but after that I have used again iaslMe to compile again my DSDT. I have got now a file named dsdt.asl on a folder but it seems to be different than original one as it is describe in Finder as a Document file, while the first one is described as a Unix executable file. Then I have thought I have made a mistake editing my decompiled dsdl.dsl file and therefore I have got a fake not executable dsdt.aml, but I have tested iaslMe compiling and direct decompiling original dsdt.aml without changing anything, but I have obtained the dsdt.aml document not unix executable file. Any idea to fix it ?? Thanks in advance
  13. [Guide] Using DSDT with the Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L

    Well, this is my fifth attempt. I have done dsdt only with network and audio and although graphics card is more o less described on dsdt too as generic nvidia card, I have put in Extra folder com.apple.boot.plist my nvidia efi strings. I have done some mistakes. I think one of them is to eliminate too many kext in Extra/Extension folder. Finally I have left AppleDecrypt, Disabler, OAHCIBlockStorageInjector, OpenHaltRestart, UUID and grey LegacyHDA . By now I have a fully working 10.5.7 Leopard running. Next step will be modifying dsdt to fix CMOS reset bug and afterwards I am going to try installing Snow Leopard. I will report any success. Thanks again
  14. [Guide] Using DSDT with the Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L

    That is my latest idea !! In that case I could leave gfx strings in com.apple.boot.plist .I am going to try with other nvidia cards in acpi patcher only for fun. If that is not the case, afterwards, I will use EFI strings. Thank you again, my friend !
  15. [Guide] Using DSDT with the Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS3L

    No success at first attempt although I have strictly followed your guide my friend. I think that one of my problems is my graphics card is not listed on ACPI Patcher, so I used nVidia (generic) 512 Mb and DUAL DVI. As it did not appeared PEGP I did not include it. Sound did not run either but I have just seen I did not select HDEF Audio . Anyway I added after that same LegacyHDA.kext you mentioned at your guide to Extra/Extensions folder. My main problem is my graphics card again Is it really risky to use koalala's patcher with our common gigabyte dual bios ? Thanks in advance for all your help !!