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  1. Hi there, I'm using 10.5.7 on my Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS4 Rev. 2.1 with disabled Jmicron Controller. I have 2 internal SATA HDD's and one SATA DVD drive connected to ICH9R controller AHCI. All ok! Yesterday I bought an external E-SATAII HDD-Case from Fantec (LD-H35US2) and connected it via E-SATA slot bracket to the ICH9R controller. This gives me problems like, bad performance, systems seems to 'wait' for 20 sec. every time I want to access the external HDD, sometimes the external HDD is not seen at all, USB works! I want to know, if the other SATA controller onboard (Jmicron) is supportet by 10.5.7 and if it is AHCI compatible in OSX (hotplug an so on), are there special kext i have to load? I know there is a PATA kext for the controller, is that all I need? Thank you very much :-))
  2. Just finished my G5 case mod. Look for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkHzdFmVMD4
  3. GerdJ

    Yet another G5 mod :-)

    Thank you very much!!! I hate cables :-)
  4. Hi, I installed SL on my system (see below) - everything works, 64 bit mode :-) But, after installing PC EFI 10.1 I'm not able to boot Leopard 10.5.8 anymore, it stops during boot with KP. Anybody knows the reason for that? Configuration: 1 SATA HDD with 2 Partitions (GUID) 1. Partition = Snow Leopard = boots fine 2. Partition = Leopard 10.5.8 = KP at boot PC EFI 10.1 installed on 1st Partition.
  5. Hi, I installed SL, in basic it works, but my ATI 4870 512MB Sapphire graphic card is not working. Had to disable ATI4800Controller.kext in /S/L/E, to get into OS X, otherwise systems just hangs on boot. I've added dev-id into ATI4800Controller.kext, but still no go. Does anybody know how to get 4870 fully working in SL with CI/QE? BTW. No problems with 4870 in 10.5.8.
  6. GerdJ

    ATI 4870 in SL?

    WOW! It works! :D
  7. Hi there, here's the hole story: I was running 10.5.5 on my System with a GeForce 7300GT 512MB without problems. Then (when netkas postet the 4870 Beta drivers long before 10.5.7 came out) I changed the card to a Sapphire 4870 512MB and installed the beta-4870 drivers, system seems ok (accept the problems - see below) Now I updated to 10.5.7 and was thinking that the drivers for 4870 are newer ones (they are in the 10.5.7 update, right?). System is still working and system profiler tells me, that QE and CI are enabled and the resolution is at 1920x1200 at 32bit depth, like with the beta drivers before. Problems are: when I watch movies or photos (truecolor!) the quality of the output looks like 16 bit, in Windows XP the quality is much better. Using Xbench OpenGL Benchmark gives me the same score like the old Geforce 7300GT! ~300 (Q6600 at 3GHz). 4870 should be much faster?! I think, that the drivers are mixed up, if thats possible. How to check the driver version? Or, how to be sure to use the official 4870 driver? Is there a way to delete all graphic drivers and install the 4870 drivers fresh from 10.5.7 (not the beta ones!). Sorry, I'm quite a noob, so please help :-)
  8. I didn't test the 7300 in OpenGLViewer, so I have no results to compare with. Only the Xbench Results, and they are nearly the same (~300 for 7300 and 4870). Maybe I try a fresh install on my test-hdd ....
  9. At 1920x1200 I get in OpenGL Viewer 1.1 - 1927 1.2 - 1959 1.3 - 1853 1.4 - 1735 1.5 - 1501 2.0 - 1077 2.1 - 138 Can test in other resolutions if you like!
  10. I only added the time machine fix to com.apple.boot.plist and don't use DSDT. Is this important? Because the 4870 is working (accept the described problems)?!