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  1. FS: Parallels Desktop 5

    I bought a full license for 6 and no longer need 5. I talked to Parallels support and confirmed I can sell my old license and am in the process of de-registerring my serial so it can be registered again to a new user. Anyone want it? Works flawlessly to run assorted operating systems on OS X. I have Windows 7/Windows XP/Ubuntu/Backtrack/CentOS/Chrome OS setup on my machine and they all run awesome! Best offer gets it; digital download with a link from parallels, and serial key emailed to you. Shoot me a PM or post here with any questions!
  2. I got 10.6.6 working on ESXi 4.1 update 1 on my AMD host using nawcom's bootcd: http://appleguru.org/blog/2011/03/08/snow-...i-4-1-amd-host/ Any tips on getting vmware tools working?
  3. Puuuuurty hackintosh :-)

    So i FINALLY got leopard up and running.. i used my retail leopard disc with my macbook pro to do an install to my hackintosh's hdd.. modified a few kexts and installed pc_efi v8 Here are the specs: -Dell Inspiron 530 -3GB Ram -250GB HDD -NVIDIA 6200LE 256MB -Netgear GA311 GiGE Ethernet -Integrated Sound -Quad Core Intel Q6600 OC'd to 3.0GHz Let me know what you guys think :-) Screenshot: http://appleguru.org/hackintosh2.png
  4. macfuse, finaly somebody done it!

    Awww {censored}; this means I'll need to re-install my bootcamp partition as NTFS :/ :pirate2: Yay!
  5. What have you learned?

    Would someone who has the leapord preview installed please email me the "a2dp agent" from System --> Library --> Core Services? appleguru [at] appleguru.org
  6. Merom MacBook Pro in August

    Same for me.. I need a new laptop for school, but I'm absolutely positively waiting for meroms before I do. The decreased heat and the 64bitness (along with increased speed) will be much appreciated I've waited too long now to not wait; even if it means missing out on the free ipod nano and not having a computer for the start of school, i need to do what I need to do. On the other hand, if apple gets these out before the end of the month, I'll be a very happy guy
  7. About This Mac Screenshots

  8. Enabling SSE3

    Pretty sure I have my os x partition set as active, but I use acronis loader to choose OSes at bootup, so IDK As for from where/to where.. mach_kernel islocated on both the root of the install dvd and should be copied to the root of your startup drive. just do a "cd /Volumes/" and then "ls" and then cd to your DVD, ls, and cp the mach_kernel to the root of your mac startup drive.
  9. Enabling SSE3

    Yes, that's exactly what it does.. to fix it, just boot up to your os x install cd, choose terminal, and use the terminal to copy the mach_kernel off of the install DVD to the root of your os x hard drive, replacing the 'sse3' kernel there.
  10. Turns out it was SSE2

    If your machine is running with the sse3 kernel than your processor supports SSE3, regardless of what System profiler says. If you really want to check, fire up CPUz in windows.
  11. Enabling SSE3

    I had the exact same experience as you. Same processor as well. I was told, however, that if the processor supports SSE3, then SSE3 code will run natively with the sse2 'patched' kernel and that there was no need to replace it. Can anyone confirm?
  12. Do you Guru?

    Well, I'm a guru by nick ...But I don't think I fit the bill here.. ah well
  13. IO80211Family.kext

    I extracted it from my install disc
  14. Atheros Network Drivers

    You may be able to get it working without the old IONetworkingFamily; I'm not sure if that's what did the trick or not. I extracted the IO80211Family.kext from the install dvd using pacifist. If you try that and it still doesn't work, shoot me a pm
  15. Atheros Network Drivers

    Got it working!! Needed the 10.4.3 IONetworkingFamily.kext and the IO80211Family.kext from the install DVD (10.4.5 I think?) Edited the plist, cleared the kextcache and all was well after rebooting! Wireless!!!! woohoo!