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  1. Hi there, i have ruined my Apple TV with Patchstick 2.4 and i have tried all instructions i have read here, but after reboot it always patches the system again. So i Am also not able to update to 2.1 Today my warranty is over and i want to upgrade my hdd. Could someone please send me the whole image of all partitions of an original apple tv? I could restore the image to my new bigger HDD and put it back in the case. Would be great if someone could help me
  2. Hi there, I have installed the developer preview of 10.6 Snow Leopard and tried the Exchange Support in the Apple Apps... And right out of the box it worked great. But all data was read-only, so I was not able to add a new event or delete or write a mail. Did someone also tried this. Is it currently read only due to the developer preview state? Regards, Stefan
  3. Hi, is it possible to create with Bootcamp a second partition on my mac and then install on the second partition snow leopard for testing ??? I would create a second partition with the bootcamp assistant and then format this with the disk utility in mac os extended journaled format. Would be great to get some feedback. Thanks!!!
  4. Apple TV EyeTV Plugin

    Yes I know but this option takes a lot time which I don´t have
  5. Hi, i installed MacFuse and NTFS3G on my Leopard Installation, and after that i had some problems. So I decided to deinstall that software and tried after that the paragon ntfs 6 driver which worked, but I had also more problems. The problems were, that I could restart Leopard. I had to do a hard shutdown and often it needed about 5 times till it came again up. When I booted Vista on my Bootcamo there were also problems with the filesystems so vista did everytime a chkdsk. Yesterday i decided to deinstall all that ntfs {censored}, but now i cannot activate my Bootcamp partition in Leopard. In the disc utility program comes an error that I cannont activate the volume. I did a fresh install on a usb device and copied the ntfs.kext and ntfs.fs to my original installation but that also doesn´t helped me. Do you have any ideas how to fix that. I only want to get again red access to my bootcamp partition. Thanks, Stefan
  6. Apple TV EyeTV Plugin

    Hi, is there a plugin, that can play eyetv recordings on apple tv? I would like to syc my eyetv recordings like the other movies via itunes to appletv and play them on it. Is it also possible to add divx movies to itunes library and sync them to apple tv, when perian is installed ?? Regards!
  7. Hi,does anybody successfull set up an Entourage 2008 Client using with an Exchange 2007 Server ?I have already tried anything but, I still don´t get access to my mailbox.On the Exchange Server is WebDAV installed and also the old Exchange Virtual Directory.I also installed all certificates and i don ´t get any errors in this case anymore.It says that it is connected but no mails etc.Any ideas?Everything is fine... I GOT IT
  8. AppleTV and DiVX and MPEG

    When i install Perian on the box, do i only need so sync my files from the pc via itunes to apple tv? Is it possible to sync xvid and divx files to apple tv via itunes? Do i only need to drag the files into movies on itunes?
  9. Hi, does Leopard still create the .DS Store Files like Tiger, when you write/save something over SMB Network? Is there a way to dissable that on Leopard? Thanks!
  10. Sync Application

    Hi, I need a tol to sync my documents between my bootcamp partition and my mac partition. Any Ideas? I already installed macfuse to have write access to the bootcamp partition.
  11. Hi, I am interested in buying a new apple tv, but everywhere i read about apple tv i read that apple tv streams music, photos and videos from itunes library.. So must be the mac pc with the itunes library powered on? So for what is the hdd in the apple tv? I thought that the apple tv syncs all content from my itunes library on my mac including videos, music and photos locally to the apple tv harddrive. So i don´t need to have my mac powered on when i want to listen to the music or watch videos when i am on my couch in front of my LCD TV Because currently i use an Vista Media Center BareBone on my TV and I want to replace that one with an apple tv, but onely when there is no need for a powered on mac. So please bring clarity into my thoughts I also read that some people already brought eyetv to apple tv?!?!? Is it possible to record tv shows and schedule recordings on atv? Also use EPG?
  12. Hi, how do i mount a smb network drive permanently in Mac OSX Leopard? when i connect to a server, the connection is lost after next restart! I want to use a smb network share for parallels and also always use this drive for my documents. So i need a permanent connection. This was possible in Tiger...
  13. Entourage 2008 + Exchange

    How did you setup owa? I get errors everytime i setup entourage. Mac Mail works with our Exchange 2007. Do you really believe RPC works with Entourage 2008 ? I found no way to setup
  14. Entourage 2008 + Exchange

    Hi, does anybody already tested Entourage 2008 with Exchange? Does it also uses OWA or are they using RPC over HTTP ?! I need to know this because I am using MAC but need to connect to our corpotate Exchange 2007 Server. So currently I need to use Parallels with Outlook 2007 and Exchange because I use the MAC at Home. Entourage 2007 would be better if I could connect to Exchange directly. Is it possible to sync iPhone via iTunes with Entourage 2008 ??
  15. MacBook Pro Express Card Slot

    Did you directly installed Leopard to it ?? This worked? Bootcamp is not able to install on it right? For me it would be interesting how for example Windows XP/Vista runs from that disk via Parallels... maybe that is faster because of Leopard is beta??