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  1. Well I am pretty sure I installed your latest one and it worked for me, though maybe it isn't being loaded at the start like I thought. How do I go about changing your latest dsdt to work with my laptop? Do I even need to do this?
  2. hp 6820s celeron 550 processor, 2 gig ram, raedon x1350 graphics chip, native screen resolution 1440X900. iDeneb 10.5.6 install using a voodoo kernel, upgraded to 10.5.7 using software update. Are there other specs you need that I didn't post?
  3. On my 6820s running 10.5.8 voodoo kernel this gives me a kernel panic when I place it in root. Juanerson I am trying yours now and expect the same. Do I need to edit this or do anything besides placing it in root for this to work for me? I have attached my dsdl file I got from DSDTSE if that helps. dsdt Juanerson your dsdt didn't cause a kernel panic but I do have one new issue. I was using the ATI frame buffer here. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=190586 to get full native resolution. It gave me full resolution quartzgl works but quartz extreme did not, should the dsdt give me QE? I also lost my mouse cursor. I got it back temporarily by increasing the size but it would disappear when I moved over anything I could click on. Now that I have put your in my root instead of it just disappearing I get a corruption that looks like a box of white lines. Is there a fix for this? Has anyone else experienced this? Did you get native resolution some different way? I know it's a lot of questions but I feel like I am on the edge of having a 100% hackintosh but can't figure out the last little bit to make it perfect. dsdt___txt.txt
  4. ok I installed this driver on my HP 6280s and it works except that now I have no mouse cursor. I can click on things but there is no mouse. I removed the kext and my laptop went back to a lower resolution but I still have no cursor. I can interact with items on the screen using the mouse but you just cannot see the cursor. Anyone able to tell me how to fix this? I have now found that if I increase the size of the cursor above a certain size that it reappears. Someone in another post had this problem as well and posted about that is how he was dealing with the problem. I also found a post with a kext for switching from hardware to software for the cursor but I don't know how to do that on my own. Does anyone have any idea for a fix for this?
  5. nubz69

    [Update-Guide] ATI Mobility Radeon X1350 totally WORKS

    You don't need usb-wifi adaptor. I have wifi working, it's a broadcom.
  6. nubz69

    ATI Mobility Radeon X1350

    has anyone acheived native resolution on the 6820s or any other laptop using this graphics chip? There hasn't been an update here in a long time.
  7. Am I doing something wrong? I have a 6820s and I open this zip and place both files in the root. When I restart in -v I get part way then the laptop freezes. I don't remember what it siad and I have now removed it.
  8. nubz69

    ATI Mobility Radeon X1350

    I am brand new to using OSX on a PC. Yesterday I installed osx on a HP 6820s that has a x1350 video card in it. I installed your kext and at first it didn't work. It took some messing around and rebuilding of permissions for it to work for me. I still am not at my native resolution but it looks much better. Have you gotten any closer to making this 1440X900? Could you tell me how you got the rest of your hardware to work on your 6820s. Nothing I try seems to work. I need screen brightness controls, full keyboard use and power options to work. My keyboard works but the side number entry area does not. Any chance you could do a writeup on installing OSX on these laptops and how to do what is needed step by step?