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  1. Has anyone managed to get iWork to display properly in VMWare? I see the chrome and all the menus, but anything I type is not visible? Running VMWare 8.02 on windows 7. Chris
  2. Sorry if this is slightly off-topic, but has anyone successfully used Apple hardware such as the touchmouse or touchpad with a VMWare instance of Lion? If so how do you set them up? Chris
  3. Donk, Thanks for this it works so smoothly! Can I provide some feedback for changes to your manual? Section 4.1.1: Consider a new item to explain a bit more clearly about running id and show which number one needs. In line 3 I was unsure what the UID of the guest user was! I struggled to get into the boot screen that allowed me to enter boot options like -v -f -x. Could you add instructions how to do this? Chris