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  1. So I have a hackintosh running 10.5.7. The originally installation was done using an ideneb install disc. Pretty happy with the machine as it sits, but would like to upgrade to 10.5.8 to be able to transfer stuff onto my iPad. I have tried installing 10.6 a couple of different ways and can't get it to boot. The machine has an older intel 845grg motherboard with a single core socket 478 p4 processor, 2gb of ram, a DVD drive and 40 gig hard drive both pata, and an nvidia agp video card, Runs stable with voodoo kernel. I have tried to update it to 10.5.8 with the ideneb combo update and the install breaks with a "waiting for root device" error. I suspect the update is breaking or overwriting the kext(s) needed to recognize the PATA drives. Any thoughts on how to fix this?
  2. Amacx86

    A Small Problem

    Hi...first question, do you have an ethernet port that works? If so, I'd use that to get on the internet first. As far as getting wireless adapters working on a Hackintosh, this can be one of the most frustrating aspects of living with a Hackintosh. I have a TP-Link 851 (atheros 922x) wifi card. Can make it work easily with 10.6 with the Atheros21.kext but can't seem to get it working with 10.5... If you can, please post specifics about your adapter (chipset, device ID, is it PCI or USB...)
  3. Amacx86

    Hanging on to 10.5

    Just wondering if anyone out there was still hanging on to a 10.5 Hackintosh, and wanted to start a discussion thread about keeping this older OS (that has been EOLed by Apple) safe and secure. My reason: my hackintosh is a P4 2.6ghz single core with 2 gigs of RAM that needs Voodoo. Don't know that moving to 10.6 will result in a compatible system, and know that it will probably result in a much slower one...
  4. Can you provide a little bit more information about the ports on the back of your video card? You say that you have a DVI port with a HDMI adapter plugged into it with the monitor plugged into that. Do you have 1 other port or 2 other ports? If so, what sort of ports are they? In my experience, a black screen on a hackintosh that is otherwise booting to desktop is a symptom of a video card that is routing video to someplace other than where you have your monitor plugged in. I've had this experience with my ATI 4850 card, and solved it by plugging a DVI->VGA adapter (with nothing plugged into that) and a monitor plugged into the other DVI port. Do you get video if you boot in safe mode with -x? Or never get it at all? You may also want to do a boot with the -v flag to see at what point you lose video.
  5. Amacx86

    ATI Radeon Mobility x1300 kext issues

    10.6.8 broke video. The machine would boot, but I think the screen would freeze with the gray apple and spinning beach ball (which would eventually freeze). I think what happened is that the machine completed booting but the screen froze in the process. Ended up going into BIOS and changing my Thinkpad's T60 BIOS settings to a a PCIe video card from built in internal video. This enabled the machine to start up and work. Native resolution, no QE, but the video card is read as PCIe with 3megs of VRAM in system profiler (which it clearly isn't) and some video things (for instance, fonts in iWork) do not work. Not sure what else to do to the kext/configuration to fix this.
  6. Amacx86

    ATI Mobility Radeon X1350

    Nothing like resurrecting a dead thread. Have any of you gone one to have success with the Mobility Radeon x1300 running under 10.6.8? This method doesn't seem to work for me on my Thinkpad T60 running the X1000 kexts from 10.6.8. (worked under 10.5.8)...
  7. My 10.5 install was getting a little wierd on me so I did a vanilla install of 10.6.3. Went fine, except for video problems on boot. Booted to safe mode and ran the 10.6.8 combo update. Video problems persisted, finally got rid of all ATI, Nvidia, and Intel GMA texts and it now boots to desktop in VESA. Sound works fine with Voodoo. However, I cannot seem to get my keyboard or mouse to work at all (it's the PS/2 built in stuff that the laptop has). So far I've been doing everything with USB plugins, but needless to say, that isn't a long term solution. The various Voodoo PS/2 controllers that worked well in 10.5 don't seem to do the trick in snowleopard. Thoughts? Suggestsions?
  8. Anyone else have this problem? I have keynote installed on my machine, purchased from the app store...now it shows that there is an update, but when I go to download it it will not let me log in with my apple ID.
  9. Amacx86

    10.6.7 Broke Java?

    Unfortunately, a couple of times. For instance, this forum works perfectly. But when I do something like, for instance, check my GMX mail I can never get to the inbox due to a spinning beach ball. Even tried re downloading java from the apple site and installing it. No luck. Well, I seem to have tracked this down to the ATIx1000.kext losing support for my radeon chipset on this laptop. Re adding the device ID and running kext utility seems to have fixed the "freezing" problem, however the chipset is still described as unknown with no QE support.
  10. Well this is a strange one. Upgraded to 10.6.7 through software update. Broke the IO80211 Family kext, so restored that. Got the machine back to working, for the most part but it looks like java is broken. Lots of browser freezes and spinning beach balls. Thoughts?
  11. Anyone? I've hooked both hard drives back up, but am a little concerned about turning the thing on without knowing what to put in the BIOS.
  12. Alright, so I've followed the advice given here, disconnected my Mac OS drive installed a 500 gb western digital and fired up the XP DVD. Initially, I was getting the BSOD trying to boot the windows installed. I realized that I had installed Snow Leopard with the SATA set to ACHI mode in the BIOS. I switched it away from ACHI and promptly booted into the installer. I'm installing the 64 bit version of XP pro now. The question is when I go back to having both drives hooked up (the snow leopard drive originally formatted as GUID under ACHI set in the BIOS and the windows drive formatted as MBR with ACHI off in the BIOS) what BIOS settings should I be using?
  13. Amacx86

    The Ultimate Web Browser

    I've never installed Chrome on any computer I've used, primarily because Google is satan and I trust that company about as far as I could spit a seed. I started out using Safari, and switched to Firefox. Only recently installed and started using Opera. My understanding is that Opera is best for slow internet connections (DSL) and slow or memory restricted computers, and Firefox is better for fiberoptic/high speed cable with plenty of hardware firepower.
  14. Amacx86

    BT878 TV Tuner Feedback

    I'm looking for a digital tuner card that I can install in my Hackintosh and watch TV. I'd prefer PCI to USB just because I don't like having a lot of extra clutter. Some sort of coax input that I could use to feed cable TV to the computer... Any recommendations? What effect does the changeover to digital TV have on this sort of a project?
  15. Amacx86


    When you say the display got black is it black as if the monitor was off or was the monitor backlight on with nothing being displayed? What physical outputs does your card have? (for instance, my Radeon 4850 has two DVI outputs, and to get proper output I have to plug the monitor into the DVI port closest to the motherboard and add a DVI->VGA adapter with nothing attached onto the end of it onto the other port). What does your system profiler say about the card? It may be time just to get another card, but part of the beauty of this is banging your head on the wall until the wall gives way. Also, when you booted to the black screen, did you try a reboot in safe mode? If so, what happened?