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  1. Hmm.. Don't know, maybe something wrong? I get this messages at terminal window: np$ ./OpenCL_OceanWave ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Multiple GPUs found Using device[0] for compute: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 OpenCL 1.1 Using device[0] for rendering: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580 OpenCL 1.1 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Connecting to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 580... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Building compute program... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Building compute kernels... OpenCL Build Warning : Compiler build log: <program source>:213:5: warning: unused variable 'c' fftKernel8(a+0, dir); ^ <program source>:61:9: note: instantiated from: float2 c; \ ^ <program source>:276:5: warning: unused variable 'c' fftKernel8(a+0, dir); [.. &ct] With "OceanWave_NO_Multisampling_GlFlush" FPS varies from 400 to 600. It's shot of highest value. It's "OceanWave_NO_Multisampling", about 500fps: slightly overclocked GTX-580 (MSI "Lightning")
  2. Thank you very much, Zenith432. I've just tested your patch with Fusion-4.0.1. It's working fine. Pic:
  3. Supported Graphics cards with Full QE/QI

    douggle I think 9500 will work with GraphicsEnabler. Anyway you can make efi-string with this method "Howto createEFI string the simple way" I have 9500 GT 512Mb, it work fine in OS X Lion.
  4. Please Provide Kabyl r748 boot

    I built 749 from sources from his branch. Here binaries only, without installer pkg. My Radeon-5870 (reference) work fine wit this build. Cham_RC5_Kabyl_749.zip
  5. login failure?

    Hi! Same thing. With Firefox or Safari or Opera - all the same. After password reset I can't login into my account. I tried reset password three or four times. With new e-mailed password I get message "Username or password incorrect". I just want to restore my true account My true[old] account name is npwski my e-mail is np_wski[{at}]mail[{dot}]ru Please help.