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  1. SL on eeepc900 is possible?

    Thanks, i'm trying in this day for first time install SL on my eeepc900 "Celeron sse2" and before i have installed eeeleopard v3.1 finded on the net, an image restore of another leopard install on eeepc701. working at 90%, wireless ar5007eg working too (sometime KP or no nework). So i hope that SL can resolve my last problems to have finally my "Macky" working 100%. i tell you the result in few days. Sorry for my english . i'm italian
  2. Is possible install Snow Leopard on precore cpu like eeepc900 ( celeron based NO ATOM) from boot132 cd? thanks to all.
  3. hi, i'm see now the console message, and i find this into: <key>PathState</key><dict> <key>/Library/Preferences/com.apple.AirPortBaseStationAgent.launchd</key> <true/> </dict> but i'haven't this file ".launchd" How can i create or where i can find this file. my ar5007 work half the times, sometimes with KP, so i think that is the problem that airport can't initialize? Anyone have this? My specs: eeepc900 - celeron m -1Gb ddr2 667 -wifi:ar5007eg - eth: AttalsincL2 Ideneb 10.5.6 with some part RETAIL
  4. Atheros AR5006 and 5007 Working.

    I'm italian sorry for my english. I have a eeepc 900 and more time i tried many solutions, but ther is Airport icon but always yellow. It can' find any network, with or without Kismac trick. Help me plese.I'm confused and desperated. Any other Italian?