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  1. ADI AD2000b works with applehda

    hi guys did any one get this to work for snow leopard 10.6.5 ad2000b.kext & AppleHDA.kext if you did could you please tell me how you did it or were you gat the info from. think you pm me
  2. hey dude, I hope you can use this info . if you do not have a mac go virtual---my recommend is vmware workstation 7.0 an just google mac os leo.7z 1. create a restore image form mac os disk utility form snow leop.iso to dmg 2. restore this image on sata are ide hard drive the reasoning because you might get an error saying waiting for root device.... meaning can't find the first sata port or something like that.. to bypass this use your hard drive instead of dvd drive... 3. download 10. boot file an place it in the root of the hard drive. 4. install chameleon 2 RC3 on tne hard drive. 5.now get your driver kexts for system[asus 6T6 WS] and place them in S/L/E 6.you have to replace the files [ InstallOS.pkg ] and framework [ InstallOS ] on the hard drive restore image,the files are hidden [ just google it ] inorder to install on hard drive partition,because it will not woke at all.. 7.at boot if work hit the del key 9.run this command -v -f -s 10.hope and pray this work.. i know it sound crazy,but it work for me ps;dford2201 let me know if it work at all if any info is incorrect please correct me because am a newbie..
  3. IBM T42 Wireless Not Working

    hey ,I don't know if this will help you,but when I had a problem with my installation and drivers.. I had to download a two disk call IATKos.7 and IPC os x86 which is Mac os X 86 ,but I use one disk for driver and other for installation ,but what i do know is that these two disk used different driver. It great for me. {Live free} by the way if you know or have a patch bios for whitelist IBM T43 please post here.. ps.ducktape2201
  4. Intel PRO/100 VE NIC

    I'm a newbie to Mac OS X can any one help me out,please I found my driver on http://intellinuxwireless.org/ PRO-Wireless 4965 AG but they are compile source code.. dose anyone knows how to make this file work in Mac OS,are is it not possible..... my wireless nic is not working and not showing up in my system profiler [ 8086:4229] Inel Corp PRO/Wireless 4965 AG or AGN ] if I have to make & rebuild one am in for it just give me the instruction and i will follow it..