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  1. yeah. it work great in Leopard. Both EFI Strings and NVinject work fine and give full QE/CI. Snow Leopard is no go though. NVInject will give full resoultion but no QE/CI. EFI Strings causes blue/gray flashing screen at login window (no desktop). When I boot with -x -v -f the desktop will load full res with EFI strings but since QE/ci is disabled on safe boot it seems this may be what is causing the issue. I have one PCIE x1 slot...useless as they are any cards I can find so I need a supported at least in theory PCI card for Snow Leopard that will do QE/CI. I do a ton of video work and its kind of a show stopper without.
  2. sgtstadanko

    GeForce 6200 AGP on SL

    Does anyone know if the DSDT patching will enable QE/CI on a 6200 PCI card (not AGP). I am having the same issue. It works fine in Leopard with NVinject but in Snow Leopard I have tried every injector/EFI string I can find. I have never done a DSDT patch and my SL install is from the myHack installer with the chocolate_kernel (older proc)
  3. Laptop or Desktop? I a using a Proxim WD-8470 Gold PCMCIA in my laptop on 10.5.6 and it works great. People have a lot of success with the Belkin and the Netgear stuff but you have to be careful on the model numbers and revisions. Check the HCL over here for a more detailed list. Just be aware that your install may be different from someone elses and be prepared to play with the Terminal and some kexts.
  4. Ok. After spending weeks going nuts with Chameleon, EFI Strings, NVInject, NVkush, Natit and NVEnabler I am giving up trying to get my PCI GeForce 6200 working in 10.6.1 with QE/CI. (unaccelerated works fine). I need to get a 256MB or more PCI Nvidia card that will work QE/CI in Snow Leopard. I cant use PCIE because I only have a x1 slot and I dont want to spend that much money on a Quadro NVS. Heck I am even willing to go with a ATI card <shudder> if it PCI and does QE/CI. I have researched the forums and the HCL and the interwebs and am just looking for any user experiences here since this is the place to go for the info. I realize that mileage may vary on getting cards up and running, i just want to avoid buying one that wont work. thank you for all your input.
  5. sgtstadanko

    [SOLVED] Enabling Quartz?

    thanks. i have quartz working with that card NVInject on 10.5.2 so maybe its just a SL thing. Hard time findind video cards as the only pcie slot i have is an x1 hence the PCI cards. Havent tried natit yet so I might give that a go. I also tried adding device ID to the kexts and nothing. The closest I have gotten is by swapping the nvidia/geforce kexts with the one from my Leopard install. The screen output is garbled and red but I get a mouse pointer. MIght also try EFI strings again. A ton of post say that is the way to go so maybe i just hosed mine up somehow. About ready to give up and grab a new card if I can find a PCI card that will work well.
  6. sgtstadanko

    [SOLVED] Enabling Quartz?

    Its a PNY Verto GeForce 6200 PCI 256MB.
  7. sgtstadanko

    [SOLVED] Enabling Quartz?

    Thanks for the reply. Removed the string from com.apple.Boot.plist. Removed NVInject. Installed NVEnabler 64.kext. Got Flashing Blue/Grey screen. Any ideas?
  8. sgtstadanko

    [SOLVED] Enabling Quartz?

    Can you give me the detail on how to fix the efi strings. I am running nvinject in 10.6.0 and have everything work but quartz.
  9. sgtstadanko

    Intel Wireless Drivers [OSx86]

    can you give us a little more information. like wired or wireless. I assume wireless. Also what type of wireless. I would recommend installing osx86tools and then use it to install lspci. You can then run lspci and see exactly what osx thinks is your wireless device. have you installed the iwifi drivers and utilities yet?