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  1. Hi guys. I need some upgrade advice. I've had a solid 10.5.6 install working for a couple months now but I want to move to 10.5.8. Also my 10.5.6 set up was made using Chameleon RC1 and there's a newer version of that as well. What would be the best way to go about updating them both?? And once I get them both updated and running fine can I use SuperDuper to clone to another HD and then boot from that?? It seems like a tried that once and I had to redo the plist stuff to get it to boot which is a pain. I'd like to be able to clone and not have to mess with that if possible. Thanks, jb
  2. Hi, I'm having trouble getting any HD's connected to the 2 purple SATA connections on the mobo to mount. I there some trick getting these ports to work?? I checked in the BIOS and saw nothing pertaining to them. Thanks, jb
  3. Well I tried the Startech PCI-E FW800 card last night and I was only getting 40 mb per sec while connected to the FW800 port. Not good. Again, about half of the transfer rate it should be. I guess the chameleon bug affects all Firewire activity and not just onboard Firewire?? I sure hope the new chameleon fixes all this.
  4. Thanks gmacman. That's my issue alright. Hope the new chameleon comes out soon! Until they do fix this, what's the best card for FW 400 & FW 800??
  5. Great new thread! Lots of useful info condensed from the last thread. Thanks to Eliade and this awesome forum I've gotten my Hackintosh running great except I'm experiencing extremely poor performance from the onboard Firewire. I'm only getting transfer rates of 20mb a sec with the onboard fw400 connectors. On my MacBookPro I get 40mb a sec using FW400. I get about 32mb a sec using USB 2 on the Hackintosh. Is this just the way it is?? This is a big deal to me because I use an audio interface on my FW400 ports. Should I get a FW PCI card?? Any recommendations? TIA, jb
  6. I had my build running great with 10.5.6 and then I stupidly decided to update the bios to F9. Now when it won't boot into OS X and when I use grub dfe and tell it to boot HD:80 it tells me the HD is a foreign OS and will not boot. I even tried going back to F8 with the same resuts. Any ideas how to fix this?? Otherwise I'll have to reinstall the whole OS again from scratch. Anyone?? TIA, jb
  7. OK I did manage to get 10.5.6 installed but I have a few issues: I'm having some video anomalies when browsing web pages , scrolling or moving windows around. I have nVidia 8800GT 512mb. It's not showing up with the proper info system profiler so I guessing I don't have the correct kext installed for it?? I tried EFi studio and nvinstiller with no luck. I went with the 8800 GT because it's used in MacPro's and I figured the leopard installer would install the needed files. It seems like people ae having an easier time getting the 9800 GT working. Any advice for getting this 8800 GT working correctly?? Also is it possible to get chameleon to boot directly to the HD chosen in the System Startup preference panel instead of making me chose it each time on start up?? Thanks for any assistance, jb
  8. I just finished putting my hardware together (see sig) and I'm looking for the best way for a noob to install 10.5.6. I tried the unmodified boot-132 iso and got as far as the purple leopard desktop but it never came out of the spinning beachball so I wasn't able to do a format or an install of any kind. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? I did change the SATA bios settings to AHCI. is there a better way to go about this?? Any assistance greatly appreciated. Thanks, JB