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    Hello All! Thanks for all the help and info regarding hardware sensors. My Northbridge temp in HWMonitor is way off I think, it constantly shows at 262F (128C). In Windows 7 with the CPUID hardware monitor I get no such temps on any of the sensors (in windows it does not say "Northbridge"). I am not certain which sensor in Windows corresponds to the Northbridge reading in OSX (TMPIN2?) I have touched the Northbridge heatsink while the system is running OSX and I still have my fingers so I am pretty certain it is not really at 262F. Is there any way to adjust the reading? I looked through the code, but I am not really a coder. I only really know enough to be dangerous.. here is an excerpt from dmesg: HWSensors Project Copyright 2012 netkas, slice, usr-sse2, kozlek, navi, THe KiNG. All rights reserved. FakeSMCDevice: 22 preconfigured key(s) added SMC: successfully initialized CPUSensors: CPU family 0x6, model 0x3a, stepping 0x9, cores 4, threads 4, TJmax 105 ... GeforceSensors: [card0] chipset: G92 (NV92) family: NV50 bios: ... SuperIODevice: found Fintek F71889AD on port=0x4e address=0x290 F718xxSensors: started Screenshots from both Windows and OSX attached... Thanks for any information!
  2. kinda cool when you get to answer your own post. I wish more people did. just in case anyone googles make sure "SystemId" is just that, "SystemId" (capital "I" lowercase "d") I feel stupid. on a brighter note, I think I have speedstepping working now, I patched my DSDT and my SSDT's and now it seems my CPU multiplier is changing as needed with load. hurrah!
  3. Hello, InsanelyMac has been Insanely Helpful over the years playing with hackintoshes just out of curiosities sake. Now, we went and bought Mountain Lion, bought some new hardware and we have a shiny new hackintosh to play with, and again this site has been insanely helpful in building this one. (and there is always a...)But i have this dang error in my syslog that is making me insane: Sep 11 10:37:25 localhost kernel[0]: Waiting for DSMOS... Sep 11 10:37:50 localhost cfprefsd[25]: _CFXPreferencesGetByHostIdentifierString: unable to determine UUID for host... Giving up and returning 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000. It has been showing up since the fresh install booted and has not gone away, and is causing about a 25sec delay in start-up time. She works fine however, and even sleeps (and wakes up too!) Here are some spec's: MSI Z77A-G45 motherboard i5-3750k Ivy Bridge CPU PNY GeForce 9800GT 1024MB ML 10.8.1 Chameleon v2.1svn r2054 DSDT patched for ALC892 audio (that is the only DSDT patch applied) I have tried SystemID in org.chameleon.Boot. I have tried to make the changes to NetworkInterfaces.plist to add the "fake" firewire adapter. I have tried removing NetworkInterfaces.plist, preferences.plist, com.apple.smb.server.plist. I've tried making changes to smbios.plist probably a few other things I am forgetting, I have been googlin for days and have tried many things to get rid of this error Just wondering if anyone here can provide any insight. TIA! *edit* dang it. this should probably be posted in "post-installation" sorry. I screwed that up.