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  1. Broadcom BCM5787M/BCM5784M - A solution

    how do you get active status? my card is not recognise in system. in console i get some errors and kext don't load
  2. Broadcom BCM5787M/BCM5784M - A solution

    hello have anyone kext for snow leopard?
  3. hello. i have the same laptop (different only in ram (2gb) and wifi). here is my dsdt, but it's working not so good. after installing dsdt i was deleted IntelCPUPMDisabler and AppleSMBIOSEFI. it's work fine. but after deleting NVinjectGo, QE/CI are out. the same situation with audio. i have string for it. but then i was deleted it, audio is out, too. maybe you can to fix it. ps: for instal dsdt.aml, just copy it to extra or root folder pps: sorry for my english DSDT.aml.zip