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  1. Removing quartz/aqua

    Hello, I have a Powerbook G3 wallstreet, and the only thing that I can get to boot on it is OS 10.2. I have tried bootX to install linux, messing with openfirmware to install netbsd, various builds of darwin and GNU/Darwin. What I want to do is to run this old notebook lid down as a low power web server here at the house. Therefore it needs to be stripped of uneccessary things and made as secure as possible. Is it possible to remove aqua in order to revert this back to darwin, and just have it boot a bash prompt? Thanks
  2. 10.4.8 without HPET/NX and SSE2

    One weird question..........could one replace the kernel of a standard OS X DVD for use in an actual Macintosh? I am curious because it would be very leet to run custom kernels on this MBP. But bootcamp's BIOS emulation doesn't work for a lot fo distros, and probably wont work with the cracked DVD. Thanks!
  3. 10.4.9 Gird your loins for software updates

    Works great on MBP C2D!

    anybody try Debian GNU/kFreeBSD?
  5. TPM is NOT gone

    Yeah, using the TPM to accelrate a cryptographic loopback was on my list of things to do, and if it turns out it is no longer there (probing for it showed it wasnt) then I will be a bit miffed. This is why it is always a wise investment to learn some skills that counter that Whoa. TPM != DRM.
  6. Holy fuggoli, I hope those are Canadian or Australian dollars you are spending!
  7. w00t just got my MacBook Pro Core 2 duo today! OSx86 was a great influence, since I haven't used mac in years prior to this piece of software making me give it a second look. I have been a linux user for a few years, and this and the fact that I was in the market for a new laptop led me to MBP. That and the $400 student discount.
  8. Software Piracy

    One thing I really can't stand is the asinine arguments from amoral corporations which try to use shaming tactics to deter piracy! WTF! In their world, "business is war", its the law of the jungle, etc, but they expect others to be beholden to "morality"?? {censored}.
  9. TPM transplant

    Just out of wild curiosity, what would happen if you transplanted a TPM from say, a cheap broken mac mini onto a commodity motherboard (which has its own TPM) that is known to be well supported? Assuming you could burn apple's EFI onto the commodity motherboard, would the new frankenstein be able to boot vanilla OS X? hmmm.....*eyes sodering iron*
  10. Is there any documentation for the work that Semthex did on xnu-1048 ? I would like to know more about the changes made (especially with respect to EFI--->BIOS). There are LOTS of files in there, so if anyone can point me in the right direction, it would save me some trouble with scripting to figure out the critical files. Also, is it legal to run a full instance of OS X on Apple hardware with a modified kernel? Thanks
  11. MacBook Screen Scratches

    Yeeouch. This is exactly why I fear glossy screens. Any type of tiny scratch shows up plain as day. Well, you could see if you could find a parts breakdown diagram and see if you could get a replacement part for the plastic screen overlay (the screen assembly probably comes apart like the iBook's did.)
  12. semthex kernel on mac

    D'OH! I just thought of something. Depending on how large the sources for the kernel are, one could just use "cmp" and "grep" utilities to display all of the changes between the moded kernels and the original source. Silly me. It would be nice to have docs for guidelines, but usually there isn't with this sort of thing.
  13. semthex kernel on mac

    P.S., did semthex make documentation to the changes he made to the kernel?
  14. semthex kernel on mac

    As I understand it, the semthex kernel has both EFI and TPM features removed. As such, I take it that this will not run on actual mac hardware? I thought that it would be an interesting exercise to run a kernel modified to not support TPM such as the semthex but with EFI so that people who like macs and want to run OSX can do so without having TPM crammed down their throats. Such use would actually be legal as the user would not be violating EULA because said software would be running on a mac.