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  1. hello everyone, even if it's been a while since someone posted here i'd like to tell you my experiences with the Kalyway 10.5.2 (+EFIV8) DVD on my pc Asus P5N-D C2Q Q6600 4GB Ram onboard audio + LAN Gainward 9800GT 512MB (G92) I installed from the DVD using the nForce Kernel and unchecked the network, audio and graphics section in the installation menu. For the MOBO chipset I just used the NForceATA and unchecked the others. From the Third Party Application I choosed to install KextHelperb7. I installed onto an external USB HDD partitioned in two partitions with a GUID partition table. After the installation I get a clean boot into MacOS and I didn't even need to change settings in the BIOS. So no kernel panic and the CPU and the RAM are correctly recognized in the About this MAC dialog. To get the LAN working I just used the NForceLAN.kext (the previous stable version) from here NForceLAN drivers. For the onboard audio I just used the ALC833Audio.mpkg from here ALCAudio installer. So with audio and internet working the thing left was my gfx card. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be an easy task - at least for me... I startet using the NVinject-512 graphics driver from the install DVD which lead to a kernel panic. The Natit driver as well from the DVD didn't work either -> kernel panic. Then I used the NVinstaller52 and 51 -> kernel panic I also tried to first insert an GFX EFI string (for the 9800GT) compiled with EFI StudioV1.1 downloaded from EFIStudioV1.1 into the com.apple.Boot.plist and the drivers mentioned above. The gfx card was correctly listed in the About this MAC dialog what doesn't really surprise. The problem is that Quartz Extreme is not supported and that the Core Image is Software. I even tried cloaking my gfx card as a 8800GT as the layout of those cards is quite similar. Unfortunately this didn't help either and the hardware acceleration is still something i'd like to achieve. Does anyone here know how I can get this card to work properly?