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  1. NForce SATA Controller

    Hi, i have used this file, and my sata ii, 500 gb hard disk now can boot!, but only the first time, when i shut down, os x, and then try to reboot on this, then i get the dreaded slashed circle!, then using the verbose option of the darwin kernel, i get the "still waiting for root device" message, i have maded my hard disk to boot in mac os again, but i need to boot from an ide hard disk and replace again the AppleNforce.kext file, what i am doing wrong?. i have disable the automatic upgraded but still i get the same problem. Thanks for the work on the driver!
  2. Hi, I have made a hackintosh with a nforce motherboard and a sata II hard disk, to make it boot, i have replaced the AppleNforce.kext system extension, and then in the first time, it boots ok, but only one time, after this the system no longer boots, and in verbose mode show the "still waiting for root device", i have disabled automatic upgrades on the mac os x, how i can prevent the system to change the AppleNforce.kext? or it is some other setting that i need to do to make this works? thanks for any help.
  3. I recommend to use grub, it is really easy to setup, i have installed in this order: first mac os x, ubuntu, xp, in this partitions: 1. xp 2. mac os 3 linux 4 /home partition (Optional) 5 swap 1.5 gb after installing ubuntu, modify the menu.lst files on /boot/grub adding title title mac os X rootnoverify (hd0,1) -This is on my case, as i have MacOsX on 2nd partition- makeactive Chainloader +1 etc... and of course, you can add xp, also... look for grub in the installing forums..