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  1. icey-ice-ice

    Software Piracy

    it's like borrowin' a book from the library or showing movies in public.
  2. icey-ice-ice

    The Zune!

  3. icey-ice-ice

    6.0Ghz in OS X?

    is your username a mix of those from existing members?
  4. icey-ice-ice

    mac on a 360

    Microsoft does'nt compete with apple. they do however compete with osx microsoft is just software. so if they can show thier stuff on whatever hardware they wish.
  5. icey-ice-ice

    USB Drive Not Working In OSX

    try booting vmware while the drive is in the usb port and make sure that whatever your usb ports are on it compatible. EDIT: 100 POSTS!!!!!!!!!!!1 1 3m t3h g33k!
  6. icey-ice-ice

    Some of my CD's don't mount...

    people don't respond cause it's in the wrong forum.
  7. icey-ice-ice

    iPod nano playing videos

    here: http://www.toysrus.ca/webapp/wcs/stores/se...alog=2&N=26 TOYS-R-US nail polish remover will remove the little logo on the front ( i bought one ) and it looks like ipod nano exact like old one and i can use it with itunes too. they got pink and black too...
  8. mount the isos with deamon tools
  9. what amd based laptop woudl someone recommend for bringing to a gig? i have a powermac g4 and a mini but i was figuring a amd laptop is cheap and easy. i'm nto bringing my pc to gigs! and will not use the tracks i make on mp3 cds whatever lol...
  10. icey-ice-ice

    Newton kicks tablet PC butt

    the newton would lose if they did price : http://cgi.ebay.com/Apple-Newton-MessagePa...1QQcmdZViewItem
  11. icey-ice-ice

    iPod nano playing videos

    i have an NFR uno wbtheme the mods were passing around i should'nt have aswell
  12. icey-ice-ice


    Apple realted: microshaft characters: LOL ( explains it all ) : HAVE FUN!
  13. icey-ice-ice


    Microshaft :
  14. icey-ice-ice

    How to Build an H-Bomb

    Yeah how do i launch A-bombs from my hackintosh?