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  1. Thanks for the tips koliberK -- I couldn't find the DSDT in the archive with your kexts.


    I made my own DSDT with the GUI patcher but using your kext setup and the pmset command, I still can't get my system to sleep (and wake). I have never succeeded in this with this computer -- e6400 with Quadro




    edit: Nevermind... found the dsdt in the second link with kexts. Going to try it now to see if sleep works


    edit2: it worked! But it will only sleep & wake once. If I try to sleep & wake a second time in a given uptime, it will fail the second time. It seems to lose the sleep mode setting as it makes a different noise like its shutting down the second sleep.


    edit3: Also I can't load the VoodooPS2 kext that you included... any tips there? I can use my trackpad just fine with ApplePS2 when i erase the trackpad plugin within it... but there is no side-scrolling or configuration of any kind which is annoying.

  2. Everything works great for me except Shutdown now, following the tips in this thread -- except:


    does anyone experience an issue (in 10.6.4) where the keyboard and mouse stop working? The external USB mouse still works but the keyboard just stops responding.




    It happens to me in a matter of time every time I use the computer.. i'm forced to restart.


    Any ideas?

  3. Is anyone able to sleep their display on gma x4500 mhd (with native resolution / quartz gl or not)?


    Given that these are laptops I'm sure that's a feature high up in the list for everyone short of getting QE working...

  4. Finally!!!

    got my native resolution on my acer 5732z

    followed these instructions here 915resolution

    but first i had to install Chameleon 2.0 RC4 located here Chameleon 2.0 RC4 installer

    hopefully this will help anyone else stuck with the Intel GL40 chipset / GMA4500M



    This finallly worked for me after no other native resolution method has! Finally -- on a Dell Latitude e6400 with gmax4500mhd!

  5. It seems that all Dell "E" series laptops have this problem (black screen). I would add that it is not just a black screen -- the LCD appears to be powering off (as opposed to illuminating black)... Mines Latitude E6400

  6. Perhaps not directly related to QE/CI -- but does anyone here have SLEEP working, either just display sleep or system sleep with x4500 (mhd in my case)?


    I'm happy leaving the resolution and acceleration unfixed.. its just a pain to have the screen on all the time.


    Is this dependent on having a working driver? It just locks up when you try to system sleep, and it tries then fails when trying to sleep video.


    Is there any simple way to diagnose this unrelated / less complicated than this QE/CI issue?


    Thanks so much again for working on this

  7. Awesome -- I will try the external monitor when I'm next home but I suspect it won't work because its not as though the system is responsive still but just no video -- the caps lock indicator, sound adjustment keys etc all stop working full stop.



    I'm just happy there's hope -- i had been considering swapping the motherboard for an nvidia equipped one for ~$300 before realizing that is crazy.

  8. Just wanted to report, FWIW, (bear with me, there are a few threads here)


    The latest and every script I have tried with my ideneb 10.5.7,


    and GMA X4500 MHD (Dell Latitude e6400) device id 24A2


    Starts up, loads blue desktop screen,


    then the LCD appears to power off and the system halts completely,


    presumably when trying to switch resolution to native (1600x1200 is for this card & set up)



    I've messed with it so many times it always ends up corrupting my system files and I have to reinstall ideneb.



    And I'm not sure if this has been discussed, but under linux there is both a dev ID 24A2 AND 24a3 --


    setting the script to the latter, 24a3 does nothing. If I recall, one is a VGA device and one is a graphics controller (according to lspci linux ID lookup anyways)



    And lastly a question:


    Do those who have this working with FB have the ability to sleep their display / machines?


    I've never been able to and its the major hurdle from using OSX86 on this laptop as main OS.


    It seems to get stuck at trying to sleep the display when trying to sleep the system, and when I try to sleep display directly it just stutters a bit and stays awake.


    Not sure if having a kext loaded with FB would affect that or if it has to do with some ACPI kext or something.


    Thanks so much for working on this --- any help I can provide I will gladly do in linux / windows / osx86

  9. I have a laptop with gma 4500 mhd --- perhaps with all the demand here we can pool together a bounty so someone will work on a driver? The developer of the x3500 has suggeseted that it may be , but is not absolutely impossible...

  10. I realize this is an ancient thread --



    but to anyone searching this:


    I finally got system sleep to work with my P5LD2


    Bios settings:


    Menu:Advanced-> CPU Configuration

    --set Execute Disable Function to Enabled


    Menu:Power ->

    Set Sustpend mode to Auto

    Set Repost Video on S3 Resume to Yes

    ACPI APIC Support toe Enabled


    And I also typed in the code I think from the link in this thread that dsiables "safe sleep" mode as I recall .


    So now the system sucessfully emerges from system sleep when I push the power button.


    It used to just make noise and never show video. (think it was just the CPU function setting that did it)


    My vid card is x1950xt by sapphire.

  11. Any ideas how to fix this?


    I finally got it to boot into the bootmanager etc and gets to the blue background for the GUI, the mouse cursor shows up, and the disk goes crazy, then silent, then crazy intermittently and never succeeds in posting the menubar or desktop.



    I'm using a P5LD2 with a geforce 7300LE that all worked beautifully with Jas 10.4.9


    I've repaired disks, permissions (though disk repair keeps giving me the same "repaired disk header info" report)



    Any help is greatly appreciated as I've given up

  12. I just want to point out that this will only work for certain Radeon cards such as the x1900xt.


    The part from Apple is not a converter, it merely activates a switch on the cards to use the pin-outs. On normal DVI outs you'll get garbled {censored}, as I did with my x1600xt.


    And that x1600xt has a great s-video out that doesn't work at all with OSX (as far as I know...)




    Don't waste your $30.


    Speaking of which, anyone want to by an Apple MiniDV/DVI to NTSC/PAL?

  13. This works for me - P5LD2 motherboard,


    however, the sound stutters and cracks for a second each time a sound is played, i.e. a new MP3, then resolves itself after a second and plays fine.


    Consequently, sound effects are always garbled because they are under a second mostly.


    Thanks for the good work,





    Fixed by getting newest Semthex kernel.


    Works beautifully now.