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  1. Lejenk, thank for your great guide. When I apply your DSDT.aml to my 7720 (3D display variant), it reports several C-States/P-States errors and hung on boot up. Then I extracted my own copy with DSDT Editor on both Mountain Lion and Windows 8. I found that they are a lot more simpler than your version. There is no OPOF() and _PS3() methods on _SB.PCI0.PEG0.PEGP. I suspect that something went wrong. I am trying to disable 650m because Optimus always kicks in for the 3D-variant. No HD4000 is detected (with whatever methods I've tried) as it always says that NVIDIA is the only display card from the system report. Would you kindly suggest me how to proceed? Many thanks! I found that I also need to replace the kexts in /System/Library/Extensions on the usb drive in order to bypass the waiting for root disk situation.
  2. Dell Inspiron 17R Notebook (Inspiron 7720) - Can run Mac OS X

    Congratulations! So happy to see that so much tasks has been accomplished. Lejenk, I've followed your guide but still has problem disabling the 650m. I think my 3D-variant of 7720 work differently when handling graphics. I've noted they are always active in my previous trials few month ago. Can you disable the 650m with Clover tricks? Or should I seek for a mod-BIOS? Could you share your experience when disabling 650m in DSDT so that I can edit my own one too? Thank you very much!
  3. Dell Inspiron 17R Notebook (Inspiron 7720) - Can run Mac OS X

    Thanks rpriyana. Andrew said that my IOReg don't have any HD4000 registered. He guided me to install different versions of NVidia driver too. I gave up for the time being.
  4. No acceleration on nVidia GT650m on Mountain Lion 10.8

    I have the Dell Inspiron 7720 SE with 3D screens. HD4000 doesn't exist from System Info - Graphics. But I still can't get 650m to work. If I remove GeForce.kext, it will says NVDGK100Hal loaded and the system boots up with no screen (staying at the text-based view but I know that the system is running probably, just without a GUI screen). I am new to this dual graphics scenario, please help. Many thanks in advance.
  5. Dell Inspiron 17R Notebook (Inspiron 7720) - Can run Mac OS X

    Still struggling with QE/CI. I saw bdmesg reported the card correctly as Dell NVidia 650m 2GB RAM. But the system still cannot use it. I hoped to use HD4000 but it simply does not exist at System Info at all. The system will definitely hang at startup when GeForce.kext is there. If I remove it, it will reports NVDGK100Hal loaded. Apparently the system is up because I saw the harddisk indicator and my wifi adapter running. It remains in the text-based boot screen and seems that the GUI can't be loaded onto the screen. If I further remove NVDGK100Hal.kext, it boots without QE/CI and System Info reported 0MB video RAM and using BIOS rom. I tried ThibaultAnd's thread's DSDT edited by Rampage Dev and it will show the card with 3GB RAM (?), still no screen with NVDGK100Hal's presence. Still seeking for hopes from DSDT edit or UEFI boot. I am using Legacy boot right now.
  6. Dell Inspiron 17R Notebook (Inspiron 7720) - Can run Mac OS X

    Hi everybody! My 7720 arrived today. I tried to install hackintosh even before booting up Windows 8 I ran into QE/CI problem. I have the 3D model and seems that the system cannot recognise its HD4000 video (under System Info - Graphics section). I heard somebody saying that 650m always kicks in for this 3D variant. Will the DSDT tweak works? Your help is pretty much appreciated!
  7. Dell Inspiron 17R Notebook (Inspiron 7720) - Can run Mac OS X

    I had this trouble before. My solution is to convert the disk into GPT partition scheme, create as many partition as I wish, and then create hybrid MBR to specify which four partitions visible to Windows. I found it useful to create a small EFI partition as the first partition too. This is not an easy task. Converting from MBR to GPT means massive backup and restore. Any single error will mess you up. I would suggest you only to do this if you really wanted to. Be reminded that hybrid MBR is a sort of temporary solution, some critics happened on it. It works for my case anyway. FYI, clonezilla is a very good backup/restore solution. gparted live is capable to create hybrid MBR and is a good partitioning tool. They are both free.
  8. Dell Inspiron 17R Notebook (Inspiron 7720) - Can run Mac OS X

    Thank you, rpriyana. I haven't brought it yet. Dell is selling 5400rpm hard disk right now, kind of moving backward. Trying to convince the sales repo to get me a 7200rpm HDD system. Edit: Placed my order today. I accept the point that 5400 rpm generates less heat and sound. I will add a SSD anyway, the HDD could be an on-board storage device.
  9. Dell Inspiron 17R Notebook (Inspiron 7720) - Can run Mac OS X

    First of all, thank you all with your great works! I am so thrilled with the Inspiron 17r 7720/3D system because it is so nicely built everything from ventilation to its screen quality. I am using a Studio 1558 mountain lion and I found that I just can't live without the great OS. With 7720 the most sensible upgrade option, I wish to ensure that it works with a LAN-enabled mountain lion mode (and I can switch to Windows for Diablo ). I'm also considering to replace one of its two HDD with SSD too. Will the 3D variant prevents me from getting the HD 4000 QE/CI to work? Any luck with the 7720 built-in LAN? Many thanks.
  10. I am still using VoodooPS2Controller. I wonder if we can get multi-finger gesture?
  11. Greetings from Mountain Lion This build is still based on CharlieSheen's kext packs. Had difficulty with Realtek ethernet driver but it is working now. 1. Used AppleACPIPlatform.kext, AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext, dsdt.aml and com.apple.boot.plist (renamed coz of Chameleon v2.1) from Charlie's first pack. 2. Used AppleHDA.kext and HDAIDT.kext from Charile's second pack. 3. Created USB Mountain Lion installer via myHack 3.1.2, used the FakeSMC.kext came with it. 4. IONetworkingFamily.kext version 1.9 caused problem to the new IOFireWireIP.kext and IOUserEthernet.kext, therefore I've copied RealtekR1000SL.kext within version 1.9 (via right click, Show Package Contents) to bundled version 3.0 driver. 5. Ran KextUtility, reboot, and I'm done. I am running Chameleon r2035, FaceTime, iCloud, App Store and iMessage are working fine. I ran Chameleon Wizard to generate a new serial number in order to activate FT, iC, AP and iM. en0 must be connecting during activation (iPhone tethering doesn't work).
  12. Lifelike27, I am using Chimera 1.4.1 r877. It turns out that my Logitech bluetooth mouse caused most KPs. I wonder why I don't have the bluetooth preference pane too. I've tried many ATI personalities and Hoolock works best for me. (Baboon for HDMI)
  13. lifelike27, I've deleted AppleHDA when using VoodooHDA. ATI KPs always happening, just with a higher chance if using VoodooHDA as well. I am working with no sound right now. Seems that the best way to boot is 1) -v -f GraphicsEnabler=No, 2) Shutdown, and 3) boot normally.
  14. Hi Lifelike27 and CharlieSheen. My 10.7.2 works fine too. BTW, my Lion frequently gets KP from the ATI driver. It gets worse when I enable VoodooHDA. My hardware configuration is identical to Charlie's. Any tips to reduce the chance of ATI KP? Which audio codec should I choose to patch AppleHDA? Many thanks in advance! Edit: I am using Zonalis normally (switch to Baboon for HDMI). I tried Chameleon 1083, 1627, Chimera r77, 1.5.4, etc but all gets frequent, random KPs.