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  1. <p> I will answer to myself: it's a matter of bios settings Go to the BIOS Setup > processor > "limit CPUID MaxVal= disable
  2. Hi, i am trying to follow this guide to install mountain lion but i get stuck at this point during the installation process.I get this line: can't perform kext scan : no next summary..i searched on the forum but i can't help myself...i have a p5q pro motherboardintel core duoati 4850 graphic card2 gb ram 800 mhzthanks in advance
  3. Thks Ian T for your wonderful work, i am really looking forward to your PDF Guide for ATI Radeon HD48xx Based Graphics, i got an asus p5q pro motherboard with an ide dwd rom and ati 4870 graphic card...and i found myself in trouble, this hardware combination really sucks, ...after many nights trying to install SL i gave up hoping in one of your guides..i trust in you!!! i will check your post periodically and next days i will go in a better explanation of my install isssues.. THKS!!
  4. Hi there, i am a newbie of the 0sx86 world and i am a owner of a p5qpro motherboard with an ati radeon 4870 and i am planning to install mac on my IDE HD. My question is: i got a partition of 75giga with installed winxp and i got 425gb of free space left, i have to use a program like gparted to create the mac's partitions? How does it look like the final gparted disk image?