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  1. Courtesy of cNet.com: The Core 2 Duo will be unveiled at an event scheduled for July 27 at Intel's headquarters in Santa Clara, Calif., a company spokesman confirmed Tuesday. Intel CEO Paul Otellini and other executives will be on hand to unveil the chip that marks the end of Intel's Pentium era. You can read the whole article here. I'm sure Dell and company will put these to use pretty quick. You think Steve-O will make any type of hints at WWDC on when Apple plans to put them in Macs? -O
  2. Windows Vista

    About this Aero glass thing...it looks neat, but I don't see what all the fuss is about. Sure, sex sells, and this is the sex part of the new Windows. This is what the ads will show. This is what people will talk about. Because, when everything is said and done, they want something sexy. This is why people buy flat screen plasmas and LCDs that don't offer the resolution that DLP or LcoS TVs do. The flats look sexy, and sex sells. However, away from Aero Vista looks, and from what I can tell, feels like the Mac OS. This glass thing doesn't seem like it's a huge leap, and I expect something from Apple similar very soon, if not as a surprise in the new OS 10.5. Microsoft played a card, and now it's up to SteveO to see if he'll see Bill, and raise him, or just call. I'm betting on a raise. MYself, I don't even own a Mac. I plan on it, but right now I'm stuck in XP land and using the FlyAKiteOSX theme thingy. I'm going to wait until the Core Duo 2 chips ship in the Macs, then I'll step up regardless of Vista. I'm over Windows and ready to move on like a guy coming out of a bad relationship. I'll tell you one thing, I'm a Business Systems Analyst at a pension fund. I work with most of the IT staff and they just last week got the final batch of floor users moved from 2000 to XP. They are not looking to move to VIsta any time soon, and I can't say I blame them. -Big O
  3. Partitioning Software?

  4. Partitioning Software?

    What's a good and cheap (preferably free) partitioning software available for Windows? -O
  5. OSX on a PC

    Hrmmm.... everything I've been able to read about this says you must have a processor capable of doing SSE2 instructions. Looks like mine can only handle MMX (+), 3DNow! (+), SSE.... looks like I'm SOL until I buy my MacBook Pro proper. Still read some neat stuff though. Amazing what people can do with these things. -O
  6. OSX on a PC

    I guess you're right. But since I don't know how to get the install DVD, I'll have to settle for running FlyaKite OS while I wait to buy my Macbook Pro. Question though...does the performance with non Mac Core Duo chips stack up against natice Mac Core Duos? I'm recent to the OSX bandwagon, so I think alll this stuff is just great. I'm still using Windows until at least the Core Duo 2s come out or after the WWDC. -O
  7. OSX on a PC

    LOL! Yeah, I think I saw it in the overclocking forum or something. So, I figure getting it to run takes considerable hacking, which is beyond my abilities. Neat to see people doing it though. -O I'll check that out AldousHxlE. Thanks.
  8. OSX on a PC

    I'm new here, so don't hate me if this topic is in here somewhere already...I honestly did try to search for it first. Oh, also, if this is in the wrong forum, sorry about that too. While perusing the boards I keep seeing set-ups like: Running 10.4.6 on: -MSI 945GM2 + Pentium D 805 + ATI Radeon X1600 + 250gb SATA HD + 60gb PATA HD Running Smooth with: -Borisdadanov's ATI Trick, Azalia Sound Through ICH7, Q2DExtreme & No-Beamsync, CPUS=1 -World Of Warcraft Plays Nicely with 10.4.5 ATINDRV.kext How is that possible? I saw one that was running on an AMD too, and now I'm all confused. I thought OSX could only run on Macs due to some sort of hardware restriction. If this is a hack, I'd be interesting in reading up on how people did it. I tried searching the internet for stuff on it, but keep getting {censored} message board sites and stuff. Thanks, -O