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  1. Snow Leopard suddenly stopped booting

    Well, I managed to solve my own issue with this one. I accessed my snow leopard install from another install and removed all the kexts from my extra/extensions folder except fakesmc. After that it would boot, albeit poorly. I then returned the kexts one by one until i had all that i needed. Now snowy's running again and after 5-ish hours all is going well. Cheers
  2. For the past 2 weeks I've been running a retail install of Snow Leopard flawlessly. This morning I get onto my computer and after a few minutes the screen went blank, but the computer was still running. I did everything I could think of to wake it, with no success. Next I tried restarting it and everything seemed fine until it hanged at the grey logo screen. Im running off a SSD and boot only usually takes a few seconds and after a few minutes of staring at the apple logo I figured something was wrong. I booted with verbose and got - launch ctrl: please convert the following to launchd: /etc/mach_init.d/dashboardadvisoryd.plist systemShutdown false I've also tried booting in safe (-x) and in single user (-s) with no success. I've got no idea what has happened and I really need some advice. My hardware is as follows: -asus p5k pro -q6600 -8800gt
  3. I've been going round in circles for days and I have had no luck trying to find a solution to the following. I originally installed Kalyway 10.5.2 and then followed a guide to progressively upgrade it to 10.5.3, 10.5.4, 10.5.5 and finally to 10.5.6. When the system is running everything is grand. I have audio, ethernet, video, etc. But the system will not shutdown and on restart it will load to the desktop but within a couple of seconds it will freeze. I have the following hardware: q6600 2.4 geforce 8800gt 512 asus p5k pro 8gb ram I have lost count of the different things I have tried but I still cant get it to work properly. Any suggestions?