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  1. The Holy ALC663 Problem Solving Thread

    Anyone have a DSDT injection for this yet?
  2. Is that it? Just that to fix the startup crash? Great, I'll check it out in 10 mins. Waiting for a driver to finish downloading on Win7, then i'll switch over. Howabout the sleep issues? Any idea?
  3. I've had this laptop for two days now, and everything works except for the WiFi (Intel 5100) and possibly the card reader, haven't tested it nor am I bothered with it. Both cores of the P8400 work fine with no glitches. Audio, GFX... all fine. Sleep I managed to actually get working - as in, it goes to sleep - but waking up is another issue. I press the power, hard drive spins up, lights turn on, screen stays blank. Same deal if I apply the DSDT lid fix when closing and reopening the lid. If I don't apply it, the screen goes off but sleep never activates. I've attached my DSDT. Could one of you guys eyeball it and tell me what's wrong? Oh, yeah. The following kexts are in effect : Extra\E : FakeSMC OpenHaltRestart SleepEnabler VoodooBattery VoodooMonitor VoodooPowerACPI VoodooTSCSync S/L/E : VoodooHDA (2.56) VoodooPS2 As an aside, VoodooHDA keeps causing a kernel panic at startup. It seems random; repeated reboots (2 or 3) eventually get past it. Anyone have a clue? dsdt.zip
  4. AppleHDA.kext ALC883 "5.1" Ported to SL

    Nice one, kizwan. I'll check it out in the morning on my P5K-SE mobo.
  5. AppleHDA.kext ALC883 "5.1" Ported to SL

    I'm getting an error downloading the attachement. Is there a mirror somewhere?
  6. High guys. I'm about to buy my very first laptop, and I've pretty much settled on Sony's Vaio VPCF115FG (http://www.sony.co.id/product/vpcf115fg), retailing locally at around $1400. Processor : Intel Core i5-520M (2.40 GHz, Turbo to 2.93 GHz) Chipset : Intel PM55 Express RAM : 4 GB DDR3 HDD : 500Mb Video : GeForce 310M GPU, 512Mb Audio : Intel High Definition Audio What problems, if any, can I expect with this? I want to get started on iPhone/iPad development, so the SDK will be the main purpose of the OSX installation. Will Snow Leopard run well on it, or will I have to use Leopard for now? This is an important point, as I need to download the SDK appropriate to the installation and bandwidth is a problem here, so I don't want to have to download it twice. Cheers guys!
  7. Try setting your mini partition as HIDDEN. I can't recommend methods to do this other than parition magic, which i use via a usb boot key.
  8. Try reburning the disc. I had to burn mine 3 times with iATKOS. I have to do it again now, coz I gave mine to a mate.
  9. Install Troubles - Please Help?

    No no no. Each bootable partition has its OWN bootloader. The ACTIVE one determines which one is used by the PC's BIOS. Chameleon is merely passing on the booting duties to your XP partition. If chain0 worked for you, you could theoretically flick back and forward between them infinitely. BOOT.INI is just the settings file for the XP bootloader. Same as config.sys was for DOS. Anyway, you're only dual booting right? Then save yourself the hassle and stick with Chameleon. If you edit your boot.ini so that only your XP/default line is there, the menu won't show up at all. EXAMPLE: [boot loader] timeout=3 default=multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINXP [operating systems] multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINXP="Windows XP" /NOEXECUTE=OPTIN /FASTDETECT /USEPMTIMER As for USEPMTIMER... hxxp://support.microsoft.com/kb/895980 I've got an intel cpu, but it causes not problems being there. I've had it there for ages.
  10. partition problem on installation

    The vanilla, original, OSX from apple only installs to a GUID partition. To get it to install to an MBR partition, it has to be hacked somehow. I don't know the details.
  11. Install Troubles - Please Help?

    Glad it all worked out Dangleberry[1]! For the record, OSX WILL run from a logical drive in an MBR partition table. One thing I failed to mention is that when diskutil initially erases the chosen partition, it will then mark that partition active. It hasn't done this in subsequent installs - so far. I have a bootusb with partition magic on it, using that to fix the active issue is a doddle. After that I rebuilt the bootsector - something else that I haven't had to do since the first time. Also for the record, Windows/NTLR doesn't care what the attributes of boot.ini are. Its just a textfile, nothing fancy about it. In future, if you choose to use the chain0 method, just take care to keep the existing entries as they are. [1] Awesome nick.
  12. keyboard not detected

    But the keyboard WORKS, right? This is normal. Just click next.
  13. try booting with "-v -cpus=1".
  14. Light Blue Screen Freeze

    Could be an ACPI issue. Hit the power button, see what happens. I had that with iATKOS v7, had to remove the ACPI kexts from the install.
  15. partition problem on installation

    Wait, does iPC support MBR partition tables and install to a logical drive? The base/vanilla OSX only lets you use GUID and install to a primary partition. I've never even read the info on iPC and don't have the time now, but have had no problems with kalyway 10.5.2 or iATKOS v7.