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    Hi all, I have performed some modification on the VoodooHDA driver to provide the following capability to my AD1986A audio chipset on my M2NPV-VM Asus motherboard: * External microphone on front panel (the rear input doesn't work!!!!) * Audio 5.1 (using the Audio Midi Setup aggregate function). On audio property you will found 3 output device (Line Out / Headphone, Surround and C/LFE). With aggregation you will have 5.1 output. * I have corrected the dump program to dump all the codec and not only the first one (in case you have a graphic card with HDMI sound exit) * Added missing description for ATI Radeon RV670 vendor I don't know if the front panel headphone work (may be yes, I don't have this connector). Let me know... This codec should work in same way as original VoodooHDA for other motherbord, may be my implementation will work fine on other Asus mobo based od AD1986A audio codec. If someone have some special request, can ask on the forum and add the codec dump, if possible I will help.. A didn't made a great job, I only changed some pin configuration and I made some esthetic correction to this fantastic codec. Thank you to every one that develop it, and if I can help the development in any way, I'm here avalable. VoodooHDA_0.2.2_r1_Ollo_v1.0.tar.bz2.zip
  2. Ollo1969

    HD3850 Blue Screen with mouse moving

    Unfortunately also the 2 last suggestion doesn't solve my problem, always same behavior!!! @OfficerJackMehoff: with which distribution / kernel did your solution work? Which system do you have (Intel or AMD)? @mich_de: How should I check the system log? What I should do? No problem for me if you want to change the headline of the thread, I'll be happy if the workaround can be at least helpfully to other people. And thanks a lot to everybody!!!!
  3. Ollo1969

    HD3850 Blue Screen with mouse moving

    I have iDeneb 1.4, so I have 10.5.6, and I also update to 10.5.7 with the last released Combo Upgrade Kit. PCIe is already set in the bios as default card. But what is really strange is that my card is working perfectly after performing the "stand-by" operation. It only don't show the dashboard on first start-up. I also tried to change the bios card with other version, but I always obtain the same result. Many thanks.
  4. Ollo1969

    HD3850 Blue Screen with mouse moving

    Tried, but nothing change. I don't have natit.kext and I remove extension.mkext and reboot, but again nothing change! How can I understand if have other gpu injectors that I should remove? One more question: is not possible taht the issue is not related to the Graphic card but to the mobo ACPI bios or to the monitor, or may be to the monitor cable? I'm trying any possible solution, I really do not understand! Thanks.
  5. Ollo1969

    HD3850 Blue Screen with mouse moving

    Hi all, after i sucessfully installed iDeneb 1.4, i booted into the system, but i was stuck at a blue screen. not a BSOD but a simple blank blue screen with mouse moving. I become crazy with this, but finally I found that I simply need to set the system into sleep once by pushing the powerbutton, and wake up the system, after this the screen graphics appear and everything work fine (resolution ok, all function enabled). If I try to change resolution I have again the blue screen and I have to make the same operation for the dashboard coming back. I already tried to install all possible driver that I found for HD3850, but I always have the same issue. Now I'm using the EFIStudio_extended solution with MEGALODON driver. Does anyone have a suggetion on how to resolve this issue? Thanks my specs: graphic: ati Sapphire HD 3850 512m mb: asus m2npv-vm cpu: amd Athlon 5000+ dual core monitor: HP w19b connected with DVI cable (with VGA I have the same issue!!!!)