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  1. But did you update to 10.6.2? -n
  2. Ah, sorry, forgot to mention that. Standard DVI. I dont have HDMI on my 8800GT, so I dont know if that would work here. -n
  3. I have some strange issues with my 8800GT (ASUS 1GB). (To the point I`m considering getting an ATI Radeon HD 4870). I never got the black screen, kernel panics etc. But after 10.6.2, Quartz Composer is not working, every screensaver but 2 says they are incompatible with my version of OSX, and the flurry screensaver is choppy, and looks weird VLC: no picture just sound. BoinxTV: worked like a charm in 10.6.1, complains about lack of Quartz Composer support on my hardware in 10.6.2. This kinda sucks... (10.6.1 Geforce* & NVD* kexts did not fix this issue). EDIT: Not quite sure what did the trick. Removed all EFI strings from com.apple.Boot.plist (both in /E and in /Library... Did the GraphicsEnabler Yes in the same file. Added my device-id in Geforce.kext, NVD* Ah well, now I got QE and Quartz Composer, even all the screensavers work again -n