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  1. Sorry your soundcard is't 100%. I'm still in 10.5.8 kernel and tryed to just copy voodooHDA.kext to chameleon folder /Extra/Extensions but it did't work so I used kexthelper to install it. I have not removed any other interfering kext in the system/extension folder. The sound is little better with 10.5.8 kernel but still noisy. As I'm writing I play 2012 Doomsday with vlc-player and the sound grows better and better as the movie is playing. Strange! I will play around with ubuntu and other linux distrubutions to test the boxes hardware. I read about patching AppleHDA.kext in an other tread in this forum, where they get same info and help via ubuntu. Can it be something for us? I have very little experiens in OSX and OSX86 but I think after playing around with it on Asrock ION and other hardware it's outstanding compered with windows 7 and Linux. Then we have the Snow Leo...
  2. I have test the voodoopower & sleepenabler running 10.5.8 kernel. Restart and shutdown works ok like before. Maybe they are a bit faster. Sleep became different. It will now go to real sleep. The system seams to wake up but the monitor won't. I have test both vga and hdmi with the same result.
  3. shorthing - hi - I'm running 10.5.8 kernel. I vill try voodoopower & sleepenabler before I'll go back to 10.5.6 kernel to get HTT. Thanks! DUally - hi - the sleep is a kind of half sleep and it hangs so you must shutdown with the button. The 1080p has never been an issu for me and not for any other trying this guide. Am I wrong? I'll keep testing my little box...
  4. Thanks shoarthing for this update. I followed your guide ( I used combo-update 10.5.8. ). Everything is working exept built-in audio and sleep. Even my remote control (interVideo RC301) came alive. I am very pleased
  5. Hi! DUally. I hope you get yuor Asrock soon. I have installed the OSX version of XBMC and it seems to run OK on Asrock ION. The problem is sound and this problem is the same in XBMC and any other application. With the voodooHDA.kext you can get sound but the sound is noisy. Shoarthing tried to rebuild voodooHDA.kext but with no improvement. A solution is to get a cheap USB-audio-board that is compatible with OSX. USB2 will maybe work with the new BIOS that shoarthing got from Asrock. But this BIOS can lock you out from your system if you get it wrong. It seems that we may soon have a fully working system. An Asrock ION with an extern USB-audio board.
  6. Hi! EvoGT I had the same problem as you. If you tap the spacebar before the chameleon try to boot you get a prompt (boot:) and you can write -v cpus=1. If your Asrock boots into OSX with the (-v cpus=1) you may have the same issue that I had. If so, go into the BIOS advanced/cpu and enable "No-execute memory protection". Now you hopfully can boot into OSX without cpus=1 and get 2 cores.
  7. Thank you k0tr@kt0r ! I got eventually one Atom 330 with dual cores in OSX One step forward. Now I can test my system and compare with shoarthings scores.
  8. Yes there's an issue with the sound! but I have not tryed to solve it, only tested the voodooHDA.kext v022. There was sound but a scraping sound. DUally! Do you have/had any audio issues or have you got a solution for it? By the way, I asked Asrock for an updated BIOS with Enable/Disable options for "EHCI Handoff" +Enable/Disable for "Legacy USB" and their reply was "For technical issue and emergency casses we suggest you to contact your dealer first". Not an acceptable reply. Please! We need more people asking Asrock for an BIOS update with options for Enable/Disable "EHCI Handoff" and "Legacy USB".
  9. I have an orginal Asrock 330 ION 2GB RAM (2 x 1GB) and the mobo is rev G/A 1.06 like yours. I updated the BIOS to 150c. I tested your dsdt.aml for BIOS 150c and orginal 2GB RAM. I still have to boot with cpus=1 Sleep, restart and shutdown is slow and strange. I tested the voodooHDA.kext and got sound but also nios. So I have an ION running Leopard with one core, no sound (or noisy sound) and is hard to get to sleep or shutdown. But we have a running system, something to improve. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for your advice. I have test your updated dsdt.aml and/or memory upgrade to 4GB. No change. I have to use cpus=1 at boot. Maybe I´ll try to compile my own dsdt.aml as you suggest in post #11. (If I can find iaml). Then I have problem with sleep and shutdown (restart is OK!). Thanks again. I'll hope we can get a updated BIOS from Asrock that solves the USB2 issu.
  11. Thanks! shoarthing for this excellent guide. I followed your guide and have same issue like UN_WIRED (must boot with cpus=1). I notice that my dsdt.aml icon (a gray square) is different than yours. I got BIOS 1.50c from Asrock support but have not uppgraded from BIOS 1.50 yet.