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  1. I used all kext from 1st post of Codinger. Is there any thing wrong ? Thanks
  2. Hi all, I already could boot normally (with Natit kext as guidance of IntelHD). But now I can not access internet (by Ethernet port not Wifi). I use DSDT file from Codinger (without error from boot) I also tried to compile (again this DSDT, some warnings). So, how to check my Ethernet work and fix ? Thank you,
  3. Thank you all. Sorry for misunderstand, I should read more .
  4. But I diff your file and ol@fson file. About IntelGFX, all are defined 0 Am I wrong something ?
  5. Sorry Codinger, could you please talk more details about this ?
  6. Hi ol@fson, I tried all your files. It's better, it can boot, no error(s), but display is very very bad, almost can't seeing something. I tried with normal, alternative, alternative 2. I think I will read more on thread about IntelHDGraphic.
  7. Yes, can you ? If it is impossible (due to lacking hardware), please ignore, I will try to handle. I remember you said for DSDT patch before. Try all solution for a first hackintosh
  8. @Codinger: Could you please help me check my DSDT ? I attached in some previous post. I have no MAC to compile DSDT. I'm sorry for request such kind of this request. origin.zip
  9. Thank you for your guide, Now I can not boot to MAC OS anymore . After some trial (before read your comments), I can run to login screen, Put my user/pw, install some clover from official source. Use pre-patch kext from guidance --> error : IOHCIbluetooth .. transport .... Remove all Intel kext again --> boot (any many trial until it can boot) --> patch Intel kext by myself --> Error IOHCIBluetooth again.. Now I remove all Intel kext another again , but I can not boot to MAC anymore -> hang at IOHCIBluetooth ..transport... Do you know how to boot again to isntall clover special version ? One more: You mean we delete on USB only ? how about S/L/E on our HDD (/Volumes/MAC_OS/....) Could you please explain what is "SIP with csrutil" ? Thanks a lot
  10. Thanks for your guide, i can boot to mac screen after removing intel kext file,But after reboot, it still can not boot. Hang up after iobluetooth or sound assertion...
  11. You mean remove kexts of MAC disk also ?
  12. It's my DSDT from clover boot sreen. Could you please help me check it ? BTW: Update status: - Try to re-install (remove more Kext --> can use mouse) --> Can install - After install --> can boot from MAC install disk to Mac screen, setup acc .... (I did not remember which option) - Reboot --> can not boot (tried all boot options) Could you have any guidance for this ?
  13. Thank you for support. I currently use your DSDT & plist from other sharing about IntelHD (blind noob of hacintosh world) I will do as your guidance, Thanks in advance. PS: Can I patch by Windows or Linux ? If yes, please share me the link of guidance, I want to try myself also (if my patch does not match with you )
  14. Sorry, I already read information about your VGA, just want to ask for help from other (maybe) BTW: I can boot but mouse can not use when going to OS installer. Below is my log. - First try : can not boot, Enter when going to Clover screen, - Second try: boot with Safemode (remove kext of IntelHD as other guide) --> ok, can use mouse & keyboard to format, install finish , reboot --> can not boot to installer anymore - Try to re-install all --> mouse can not detect ... Now, almost process is hang.
  15. Any guide for Intel HD, I tried to install with Yosemite but after reboot, nothing working(even Installer does not detect my mouse)