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  1. Avoiding rd=disk0s2

    I beleive that if you boot into OSX and edit the boot.plist file to automatically boot with that config then it should do it for you. I can't remember specifics but it worked for me.
  2. I have Windows XP on one partition and OSX on another. I was wondering if there was anything in particular I had to do before uninstalling OS X. I read somewhere that you cannot just go into windows XP and format the partition.
  3. Thanks, I guess i'll just have to buy a new card any suggestions? I am looking for a cheap card doesn't even have to be G!!!
  4. Mine says that too, I just have a dell dimension 8300
  5. Help Boot up problems OSX

    Did you make sure that your OS X partition is active and primary rather than logical, the same thing happened to me.
  6. I am trying to update to 10.4.6 from 10.4.5 but I am getting an error as it is trying to install. attatched is a screenshot.
  7. I need to update my 10.4.5 system to 10.4.6. I don't want to use any special programs or I want to try to use terminal. I had to format the harddrive before, I had an install of 10.4.6 update but I cannot find it. I just want to have to run the package and if necessary repair permissions. I am not that advanced with macs and am just looking for the easiest way to update my system.
  8. What exactly should I search for, all I know is that I have a WMP54g ver. 4
  9. I don't want to see them in desktop

    I think what you mean is that after install you still see the white disk drive image on your desktop, if that's what you mean then you just drag the image to the recycling bin. That should get rid of it.
  10. help!

    I had that same problem, I had two install discs of OS X 10.4.~~ one of .4.4 and another of .4.5, the 10.4.4 one gives me the same scrren that yours does. But my 10.4.5 Install DVD works fine!
  11. I have downloaded that and installed it but it does not work, do I have to do something else after installing it?
  12. 10.4.5 to 10.4.6

    I cannot find the update for 10.4.5 to 10.4.6 anywhere!!!!! Please someone tell me where to find it. I already have the 10.4.7 update downloaded I just can't do it without 10.4.6!!!!
  13. Ok, I have found that info but where do I put the device id, I get where to put the vendor id.
  14. Where in the system profiler do I find that info, I have searched the entire thing and cannot find it. The PCI cards section is empty as well as almost everything in the network section.
  15. WMP54g

    How did you get your card recognized, I have the same exact card and I have not been able to get it working!