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  1. Hi guys, I'm having issues with a 10.9.1 build. I bought the following parts, all should be compatible with 10.9.1. i7 4770 3.4 GHz CXM 500W Cosair 16 GB DDR3 1600 MHz Asus Nvidia GTX 660 SanDisk SDSSDP-128G-G25 128BG SSD Trust 18187 Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter Gigabyte H87M-D3H Saegate Barracuda 2 TB HDD After this I built and installed it, created an installer and proceeded to go ahead with no issues. After this I install some kexts for sound and bootloader, and also removed the AppleTyMCEDriver.kext as it wouldn't let me boot with it. Despite this, I'm having some issues. System Stability Issues I'm having some system stability issues, random crashes and freezes. It doesn't display any debug info on the screen it just locks up. I've been trying to look for a log file to tell me what happened but, it keeps happening and I cant seem to find any log of it. I raised my voltage to 1.6 and deleted all the appleintelgraphcs.kext files. I also verified my BIOS settings are what other people have suggested and that I only have 2 sticks of RAM. Still freezes although it had a good 7 hours uptime, and it froze while idling. The latest thing I did is changed my mac smbios from iMac 14,1 to MacPro3,1 and booted with dart-0, still waiting if that solves anything. Bluetooth Problems I'm having issues with bluetooth mouse (magic mouse) using the Trust Bluetooth 4.0 Adapter, one of the working OOB adapters listed on the OSX86 wiki. It worked for the first 5-6 reboots and connected my mouse with no problems at all, then as soon as I had one of the first lock ups from above it started playing up, even after a successful reboot. After trying to pair it it eventually pairs but whenever I move the mouse it takes it right to the top left corner of the screen each time. To fix this I re-plug the Bluetooth and let it connect/pair automatically, and it seems to fix it. I hope someone in the community is able to help me to diagnose the problems, perhaps I missed a step or something like that? Thanks in advance for any tips people can give me for diagnosing the issues I'm having.
  2. ASUS ATI 5670 on Lion

    Well the card is interesting as it will work fine using GraphicsEnabler=No and the problem is now resolved but Steam games will just refuse to open they force close instantly, so something isn't right using the native Kext for the card. The other way to fix it was to use GraphicsEnabler=Yes and then set the frame buffer to Eulemur which causes the problems to go away, and steam games work. Also the forced dual monitor mirroring thing have also gone. Hopefully anyone in this situation can find this post useful. It doesn't however fix the random crashes in Team Fortress 2... EDIT: No theres still issues with other full screen games. The screen will keep flashing and eventually the monitor will say no valid input and no signal... EDIT2: Uakari is the answer to all my problems
  3. ASUS ATI 5670 on Lion

    Hello, I've got my mackintosh fully working except for one strange thing. Theres a line which cuts off the screen and i noticed it while changing the desktop using the magic mouse it will split the display in two. Also it happens on one specific area each boot up, as it varies. Its also visible when dragging windows through that area and the main problem is also on full screen games as you can imagine is rather annoying. I should note that the card thinks it has 2 monitors plugged in and that they have been mirrored. This is not the case I have only 1 monitor in use and if i turn off mirroring then the HDMI port breaks and I have to boot with the VGA plugged in to turn back mirroring. Also, when I change the resolution to anything and then back to 1080p it will fix the problem while in the desktop area, but not while in full screen games. Here is a small video demonstrating the problem with the full screen game Team Fortress 2. (On another note, the game crashes after 2-3 mins of play). I'm thinking perhaps something to do with the frame buffer used for this ATI? How exactly do I change that frame buffer? I have graphics enabled=yes in the boot file. Thanks in advance, Kris
  4. Hello, Recently built myself a powerhouse PC for games development and, to be quite frank I miss Mac OS X too much and would like to Hackintosh. Spec below: CPU: Intle i7-2600K @ 3.40GHz GPU: ASUS ATI 5670 1GB Dedicated MOBO: AS ROCK Gen3 Extreme3 Z68 (I think) RAM: 16 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 DISK: 1TB Samsung 7200 RPM Network: Netgear u300 USB So that's the main parts I don't actually have a disc drive installed and the rest are peripherals which should be fine. I'm wondering if anybody who has any of these parts could tell me if they encountered any problems, incompatibilitues such as QE/CI support. Iw ould need to use the GPU to it's full extent the same can be said for the CPU. As far as installation goes as long as somonebody has got this kind fo setup working then I shouldnt have a problem. I'm more interesting in something not working at all. Thanks in advance, Kris
  5. Hello, I have iAtkos v7 which i need to install on an old dell. The problem is i cant burn the dvd so need to make a USB installer. Whatever i do i cant get it to be bootable ive used terminal ive used OSx86 Tools and all sort of guides and methods but it won't be bootable! Can anyone help? Its an 8GB stick i've even used it before to make a bootable installer... Thanks in advance, Kris
  6. Hello, I've recently decided to build my own hackintosh so i went out and chose some parts: i5-760 2.8GHz quad core 8GB RAM 1333 MHz DDR3 (2x4gb) 1.5TB Sata2 7200RPM ATI Radeon 5770 1GB DDR5 600W Power Supply Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD3 So those are the main specs of got so far. I dont see a problem with the ram or hard drive but im wondering a few questions: Is the power supply at 600W enough for all this? Will the built in devices of the P55A-UD3 work correctly like sound, ethernet and usb? The HD5770 is used in the current Mac Pros, so im guessing that it is fully supported? I understand that 10.6.4 brings support for all i3,i5 and i7 processors so my i5-760 would be fine? Thanks for your time, Kris
  7. Hello, I have my MSI Wind U100 running 10.6.0. I downloaded the patched 10.4.0 kernel and used OSX86 Tools to install it. But upon reboot i have KP almost instantly. I used the Netbookbootmaker 0.8.2 i think as the latest one doesn't boot for me at all. I tried using pmversion=20 but no luck, i also disabled bluetooth to see if it was that but still an instant KP... Perhaps i should stick with using the old 10.0.0 kernel as it was working with that previously. Any thing I will loose out on if i use the old kernel?? Any ideas? I don't think i'm running EFI but i'm not sure. Maybe the Extra folder is just hidden. Link
  8. Hello, i have a Dell 6400 running 10.6.4 perfectly.. Or near perfect. I get random kernel panics which seem to occur after i leave the machine on for around 3 days or more. But thats not all. i get them at bootup occasionally too just as the screen turns blue after the apple bootscreen. And also sometimes just after i booted. I want to find the cause of these but every time i boot with -v they dont happen so i never get it logged to the screen. Either that or the screen is in sleep mode and i was sleeping while music played. So i never got to see it... Can anyone help me with this? I can provide kexts im using and other specs/software if needed. Thanks in advance, Link
  9. Any luck with an ATI Radeon Mobility X1400 on Snow Leopard 10.6.3

    Actully it does work becuase im using it with 10.6.2 and previously i have used it with 10.6.3 QE/CL everything works external display too. you have to modify a kext placing your dev id in thier. It has to be a modified version of the 10.6.3 kext or yoiu get major graphics errors.
  10. Mostly all the ATI HD cards like 3200 are not able to get QE/CL. Some old ATI cards such as the X1400 which i have can receive very good QE/CL. btw guys i spotted another bug. Sometimes the mouse will disappear while in the browser. I tried this with Chrome and Safari and it happens on both. It will random disappear and also it goes once i use éxpose to get to either one of the windows. to get the mouse back i just have to put it over the dock and it comes back. Link
  11. I can confirm that the new kext has fixed those panics for me . thanks a lot guys you've done it again. so far no panics i have discovered yet Link
  12. I can confirm that the 2 colour cursor is working for me too. I havent tested in MS Word but it works now in Dreamweaver which it previously didn't. Thank you very much madchicken and dong for this perfect kext. One thing that isnt done is things like invert colours, contrast adjustment and screen flash but they arnt important. Link EDIT: i can confirm a KP... When i use Adobe Fireworks CS5 and use the pen tool, as soon as i click it i get a KP. Im guessing that the pen tries loading a new cursor perhaps a different number of colours? this pen tool was working fine in the previous kext and the cursor was displayed.
  13. Great work dong. Keep it up. Link
  14. I have already started testing some things and i noticed that: The mouse works fine if i use the built in screen zoom feature. The screen goes slightly blurry but i can see my mouse in Dreamweaver CS5 which is a great help. Not sure if this information helped you but oh well thought i'd let you know, Link
  15. Thanks again btw madchicken for the kext. I'm happy to see you have acknowledged the mouse problem. I would like to contribute to fixing the mouse bug in any way possible of course if you don't want me to then thats fine. Link