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  1. I decided to not sell my MacBook but instead my gaming computer. Detailed Specs: Processor- Intel i7 920 @ 2.66 GHz Memory- 6gb Corsair xms3 (3x2gb) Video- 2x XFX ATI Radeon HD 5770s in Crossfire X Storage- 750 GB Western Digital Blue HDD PSU- 750 watt Xigmatek MC series Case- Antec 1200 I am looking to get around $1700. I am verified on Paypal and have sold many items on ebay. Just email me with your offer cooneytay@gmail.com.
  2. I have been wanting a Mac Pro for a while now with the video editing that I do. I have been using a PC with an Intel i7 920 Processor and 6gb of ram. The used Mac Pro that I was looking at getting has Two 3.0GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 5400 series "Harpertown" Processors and 4gb of ram. Would this be a downgrade as far as rendering times and things like that would go? Should I just wait for the new macs to come out and get one of the current models when they do?
  3. My Isatllation on Dell Studio XPS

    BUMP I really need you help.
  4. I am currently installing iAtkos 5i on my Dell Studio XPS using this tutorial: Tutorial. I installed everything with no problems and then it reboots and I get to the language selection page. There is only one problem, my keyboard doesn't work. I tried all of the tutorial and siggestions I found on the board and nothing works. I think my problem lies with what I selected on the customize screen. This is what I selected: PC EFIv9 dsmos AppleSMBIOS - netkas Kernel 9.5.0 fassl Disabler.kext Intel AHCI SATA Is there anything else I should of selected so that my usb keyboard and mouse would work? Also, the motherboard that I have does not have PS2 ports so that option is a no go. A Any help I can get is highly appreciated!
  5. Mines not jailbroken because they haven't released it yet. Thats right, 3.0 FTW!
  6. Nice guide. But I have one question. When it says grab a copy of iAtkos 5i, does that mean to go ahead and install that onto the system? or do I use windows to do the partioning? Please help me with this.
  7. I was wondering how long it normally takes to install. I have been stick at the apple screen with the loading icon for 30 minutes now and I was wondering if this was normal.