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  1. If im not mistaken (which i may be!) but it might have something to do with the chipset we all have? What chipset does your MBP have?
  2. backup.zip The only thing I had installed is refit but later removed. This did work on the MAC Pro that we have here and worked wonderfully and it was done with the same process as the iMAC. edit* backup.zip I was bad and didnt select the file to upload! haha
  3. It was from the actual script. When I went ahead and tried it anyways it would allow me to still choose boot drive as per normal but then went to a black screen and nothing from that point. Also, the chipsets Mike and I have are the same ones, not sure if that plays into anything. EDIT* I also have the backup MBR file, although I dont know if that will help but can provide it if it helps?
  4. I went to try this on a iMAC witht he same chipset... for some reason it would not pick up the OS and replied with an Unknown OS. I dd it anyways just for kicks since there is a backup and it just boots to black I dont know if this is due to the setup I have or not though...