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  1. No, i understand your point completely. Your help and guides have gotten me all up to the sound and ps2. I'm no where close to done playing with it either... Just more of a what's working and how i got there...
  2. Honestly, i was having trouble with the DSDT...and it worked...haha.
  3. Alright, got around to all the fun of redoing it all between last night and this morning before work: Sound now works with: VoodooHDA(ALC888) PS2 now works with: VodooPS2 SO far no kernel panics or shutdowns due to spotlight(though it seemed to come back with a FF install the first go around) CMOS issue came back, i must have not redone the DST right this time around, not something i can't fix though Now to figure out the best way to get everything in there from leopard, then maybe move my SL install from my 250GB drive to my Leo's 640GB drive...I think doom posted about it a couple pages back.
  4. I tried on my most recent scraped install...didn't work, but i may have had more messed up then good in that whole install. Will try one i found elsewhere, then yours. Thanks for your response
  5. Firstly, I want to thank everyone who has added to this guide. SO much help and good info. I've messed my first two installs up due to...well me..ha. So i have this install all staged and ready for the first boot. I work from home and Leo is my main workstation...hence me waiting until i'm off my shift. Couple things i wanted to touch upon: 1. Sadly I have not found a thread for my board/chipset Foxconn G33M(board from a pre-built gateway). Though it seems everything is FAIRLY similar. If anyone has any tips kexts, etc it would be appreciated. 2. I <3 my ps/2 keyboard. I really haven't seen any kexts/fixes...threads even about it. Not vital, I have USB keyboards laying around...i just like the one i use...haha I guess i'll hit this thread backup after i get it going. Thanks again!