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  1. After all this time, im gonna quit from hackintosh ! i checked the health with hard disk sentinel (windows) before i tried this Snow Leopard thing and it said 79% And now it says 49 % (like 400 days left ) The same happened with leopard last year. It was 100% and after it was 79%. So, be careful and check your disk life. I think this is because the sleep, restart and shutdown issues but im not sure. Good Luck.
  2. hi, did you find any solution for the sound?? i cant get the speakers working, i can only use the right ouput and mi input.
  3. It works for me (is an ALPS touchpad) i have scrolling (not 2 finger scrolling but it works) I used a different way to install SL, and its very easy and u dont need an OS X install to do it. Only windows and VMware Workstation. - I created 3 partitions in my 320gb disc using the win 7 disc (MBR): 50gb for Snow Leopard (HFS+), 40gb for Windows 7 (NTFS) and the rest for the data shared with the 2 sistems like music etc (NTFS). - I installed Windows 7 then VMware Workstation 7 and i downloaded a virtual machine of Snow Leopard 10.6.2. - Inside of 10.6.2 i created a virtual disk for the Mac OS Install DVD (to modify the OSinstall). - I gave permission to the virtual machine to access to the HFS+ partition. - Inside of the 10.6.2 i installed Mac OS X 10.6 into that partition. - I booted again and using the Empire EFI disc i booted my new 10.6 install. - I installed chameleon rc 4, replaced the extra,etc. - Using the Empire EFI disc i booted on the Windows 7 partition (because the boot was {censored}ed up with chameleon) - Fix the boot with EasyBCD 2 beta. Now you have dual boot Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Windows 7.
  4. i'll tell you how the trackpad worked for me. I installed the pkg and then i replaced the VoodooPS2trackpad.kext from the other kext you posted. Then i copied the VoodooPS2controller.kext and pasted it in Extra/Extensions folder. Now you can delete it from S/L/E and repair permissions. Also you can add the VoodooBattery.kext , VoodooPowerMini.kext , and OSXRestart.kext to the Extra/Extensions folder and have them loaded successfully from it with Chameleon. (i read VoodooSDHC.kext works too, i haven't tried). It's very recommendable to use this configuration to keep untouched the S/L/E folder. i have tap to click, even after sleep and scrolling working properly. My only issue is the caps lock thing (i would appreciate any help or comment) i detailed before, but i can use shift key to do the capital letters (this happens with any kext you provided and it happened before and after putting the VoodooPS2controller.kext into the Extra/Extensions folder) I'll post the modified VoodooPS2controller.kext with working trackpad that u need to put in the extra folder (obviusly you need to replace the info.plist in the Trackpad.Pref.Pane too). I wish this helps to make this guide better and you update the snow_vostro when you confirm this works. Cheers. VoodooPS2Controller.kext.zip
  5. Someone has the problem when you have been using the keyboard a lot and then suddenly it disconnets and so the trackpad? I have to restart using a usb mouse, and if i dont have one i have to press the shutdown button. It happens a lot to me , including when i was writing a reply it happened twice (i had to restart twice). This happens to me with the Kext and the pkg posted by xRotorHead To know if you have this issue open TextEdit and start to press lots of keys, use the caps lock lots of times and it will happen. i think this is a bug inside of the voodoops2keyboard.kext. i haven't figured it out but im almost sure it's because of the caps lock configuration in the info.plist inside of the kext. if someone finds a solution, please let me know. (sorry i tried to don't use capital letters to don't have to restart again)
  6. Thanks for the help veejay. I had installed the pfix, and i had the applehda.kext deleted but my speakers still not working. i'm freaking outttt. I'm gonna buy a macbook lol. I have tried lots of voodoohda.kext that say they work with the STAC9228X but they appear to work for everyone but me. Could be any chance that this issue is because i have Snow Leopard in spanish? I don't know what else to think, is the only difference. Anyway the kexts should work no matter the language. Cheers You can find the original IOUSBFamily.kext in the retail DVD in the path System/Library/Extensions, delete the one u installed, then install the original with kext helper and repair permissions with kext utility. It worked for me. What do u mean with the trackpad worked fine? do you have scrolling? can you see it in system preferences?
  7. xRotorHead Thanks again, i've been trying with differents kexts for my speakers but no sucess. Sleep worked great with the included IOUSBFamily.kext but i realized that the camera did'nt work with this kext installed. Also i make work the trackpad (scrolling) installing the VoodooPS2Controller-0.98-installer.pkg WITHOUT the trackpad option, then copying the VoodooPS2Trackpad.kext (that comes inside VoodooPS2Controller.kext you added in snow-vostro) to the VoodooPS2Controller.kext in the S/L/E folder and replacing the Info.plist as you wrote. But i have a problem: sometimes the keyboard and trackpad stop working and i have to reboot. I don't know if this is because of my fix or the VoodooPS2Controller-0.98-installer.pkg.
  8. i downloaded your voodoohda.kext and installed it using kext helper. i have the same sigmatel 9228 sound card. but for me only works the right output and the mic input. i don't know what to do in VoodooHDA preferences to fix it any clue to make my speakers work? i've tried almost everything (i had it working under leopard last year using applehda patcher, but i get kernel panics trying to use that metod in sl)
  9. Thanks for everything xRotorHead. I have almost everything workin on my Inspiron 1420 (the same hardware of your Vostro 1400). But: - Sound on speakers doest work with voodoohda.kext (I have the sigmatel 9228 ) - Sleep and restart dont work (I have the nvidia 8400m gs) Can you help me?
  10. what sound card do you have? the sigmatel ? i cant get the speaker audio work with voodoohda :/ any suggestion?
  11. ive done everything as you posted, but the speakers dont work for me (only headphone sound) any suggestions?? ohh and sleep doesnt work for me
  12. How did you do to update from 10.5.5 to 10.6 ??? have u tried to make the graphics work editing the com.apple.Boot.plist adding the code <key>GraphicsEnabler</key> <string>y</string> ? check http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=189960&st=0&p=1286893entry1286893 and tell me what happens. Cheers.