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  1. [Guide] GA-EP45-UD3 retail install guide!

    Hwy Boombah, I spent like 40 hours trying to get the onboard sound to work, eventually I went to Fry's and bought some external usb sound device for like 15$.. it works great.. no special nothing plug it in reboot... bam.. If you need good sound buy a high end one, I was after sound nothing special..
  2. [Guide] GA-EP45-UD3 retail install guide!

    I don't have either of these apps, I run EVE, and Virtualbox (XP guest) flawlessly, Could one of them be that we are not really running the right video drivers? I know if I do anything that switches resolution my screen goes blue or blank and I have to push the reset button to get anything back..
  3. [Guide] GA-EP45-UD3 retail install guide!

    Update: I went by fry's and purchased a 20$ USB Soundwave 7.1 by SIIG.. I also bought some new speakers (that I ended up not using) and a full size mac keyboard. So bottom Line is I have a fully Function Mac, with a Mac Keyboard and Mighty Mouse. I haven't tried the sleep function and could care less since it is a full size system. I haven't tried the Time Machine function, I only have one HDD installed atm, and I didn't pre-partition the HDD So I have a very functional Mac, that so far does everything I ask it too.. Final Break Down: Gigabyte EP45-UD3LR $109 Intel E6750 Dual 2.66ghz (Free) Retail is around $200 4GB PC800 OCZ Gaming RAM (Free) Retail $100 Seagate 1TB Sata HDD $99 HP Light-Scribe DVD Burner $49 (this was the part of the lynch pint to get around the JMicro PATA issues) PNY Geforce 9800GT 512MB $139 Cooler-Master CM 690 Case $79 XG Magnum 500 PS (Free) Retail ughh No idea high end gaming PS Siig Soundwave 7.1 USB sound card $20 Apple Stuff I purchased: OSX 10.5.6 $129 (The macbook discs I had don't work) Mighty Mouse $10 (Had $40 in best buy rewards about to expire) Mac Keyboard with num pad $50 $495 For stuff I had to have, $190 More for stuff that made my life easier. Thanks so much for the guide I am not sure how I would have done it without some of the tools you assembled here. I am finding the mac much more enjoyable to use then any distro of linux I have used, and I am going to force myself to use this to get work done. My next goal is to Virtualize it on Citrix XenServer, but I am going to take a break and rest on my laurels for a while. Thanks again.. Mike
  4. [Guide] GA-EP45-UD3 retail install guide!

    Thanks Scott, I hadn't researched at all USB sound cards, I was mostly searching for USB Speakers, it looks like most any sound card will work.. Well off to fry's then lol..
  5. [Guide] GA-EP45-UD3 retail install guide!

    Do you have any advice after searching here I am not seeing a good USB speaker being recommended? I guess a USB sound card would be ok.. I want to keep it under 50$ it is just for Itunes mostly.. Dont want a head set as much as some simple desktop speakers lol..
  6. [Guide] GA-EP45-UD3 retail install guide!

    I got Video Repaired, and I am giving up on the on board audio, I don't care about the 7.1, I am going to try to figure out a USB speakers or something from the board here, I have yet to start looking.. Lol I am typing this on my hacintosh.. overall I am happy with it.. going to buy a mac keyboard as well.. Need to figure out the apps I want to run on here lol BTW my Mobo is a EP45UD3LR
  7. [Guide] GA-EP45-UD3 retail install guide!

    Lol thanks for the advice, I will have to do a lot of digging on those ideas you suggested, I have only ever done 1 linux compile in the past, so I am intimidated by that to say the least.. So last night I ended up working on this for a couple more hours, working today on like 5 hours sleep lol (I always loose track of time on these night time computer projects).. Anyhow after applying the HDAEnabler it was broken again, and I shelved it for the night.. I then decided to verify that my Video card was working correctly after some of the global changes I have made, and sure enough it isn't I had EVE Online running fine earlier in the night, and now it just bails with an error (EVE Online is a 3d Space MMORPG, and I picked it since I have an active subscription as a testing tool for the video card).. I tried unsuccessfully to go through the steps I had over the last couple of days for the video card to get it back to working.. At the end of the night: 1)Semi functioning Video card that was working great 2)No working Audio... Steve Jobs 2 Mike 0... I am wondering if I need to clean up after myself with all the kexts and installers I am running, if this was a MS system I would have likely completely munged up the registry.. I am starting to wonder if I should rebuild the mac OS or something.. I did get the boot loader working and everything and I really don't want to start over, but I fear I may need too.. Also I am not using an EP43, I am using an EP45 just like this guide was written for, Its a GA-EP45-UD3-LR or something like that (at work so comp not in front of me).. so I have an ICH10 with a realtek ALC888 audio chip.. My video is a nVidia 9800 GT 512.. thanks again for the help so far!
  8. [Guide] GA-EP45-UD3 retail install guide!

    I have definately adjusted my outputs, and tried literally every physical port on the sound card.. I have not tried the midi out... I just did a remove all injectors in the os86 tools program, and am reapplying the ep43 fix I found the other day.. it isn't in this thread but I found it searching on here... Bascially using uiinstaller add its AppleHDA file, and a HDAEnabler file along with a reboot.. Did this sound work out of the box for you? just checked out the midi stuff looked like it was set correctly.. After installing just he appleHDA file I show the hardware installed, I am doing the HDAEnabler now, and repariing permissions form the os86 tool.. after that I am going to have to wait till tomorrow night to work on some more.. its 0230 here, and I have been working on this for too many hours tonight lol..
  9. [Guide] GA-EP45-UD3 retail install guide!

    Guys I am pulling my hair out trying to get the audio working with this build.. I have spent sooo many hours on it.. I have tried the included Kexts using uiinstaller, I have used someone EP43 audio fix etc.. If I use the EP43 fix I think someone referenced in this thread, I can get it to show an audio device, but no sound comes out.. period.. lol.. This is the last major thing I need to over come... Any advice? PS thanks for the guide and the compilation of tools it made this a lot easier then it would have been..
  10. 2 EZ Questions.. for a newb

    Thank you, I realized after posting this, it was probably better in the hardware forum.. Also I see the Wiki is usefull, but I was looking more for an opinion of.. Get the Gigabyte e45p, and get xyz Video card.. I am almost for sure going to go with a Gigabyte MOBO, I have one already that is my Openfiler SAN, so I like them.. I like nVidia a whole lot mroe then ATI, but I had the impression that Macs where natively ATI based.. so I was prepairing to give a company I swore I woldnt give more $$ to more $$..
  11. I am new here, and could very well be wrong but I think I read there where issues with that J-micron/micro chip that the Gigabyte boards use. I have had the same issue in other linux builds when trying to get various san/nas stuff built.. I had a nforce Mobo, and a Gigabyte mobo that both used that J-micron chip for the extra SATA drives.. My gut feeling is that those won't work.. but you got 4 ports already..
  12. Hi guys, long time semi Lurker first time poster. I very recently was given a brand new Dual Core (Like an e6600), and 4 GB of ram, and a nice gaming PS.. I am thinking this is the perfect platform for a hackentosh project. I have a DVD Drive laying around and will need to buy a SATA drive beyond that what should I get.. IE what MOBO, and video card are going to be the most compatible best performance/price point? Should I build it using Kaly? I have a retail DVD at my disposal as well (but the guide implied I should have 2 hdd, and a running version already ). I am assuming I would use onboard NIC and Sound assests.. To summerize, 1) what MOBO and Video card should I purchase? 2) what install method should I use, I am hoping to be able to do updates from apple, but that is not critical just seemed nice? Full function seems the most important.. Thanks, Mike