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  1. glad to hear it works out for u need to clarify with u - how many high sierra installation do you have? (reading the above gives the picture that you have 2 High Sierra installations, one external (usb) and one internal) so u booted from USB (High Sierra system drive), and then installed the 10.13.1 update to the internal drive (that also has High Sierra 10.13), and when prompted to reboot, u now booted from the internal drive instead, and your internal drive shown it has been updated to 10.13.1. is the above correct in describing your situation? thkq
  2. Facing the same problem when installing 10.13.1, looks like MBR is no longer a feasible option for macOS system updates.
  3. interesting suggestion worth a try at least; is it possible to resize HFS+ partition under MBR? if i remember correctly, it cannot be done, needs a reformat ..
  4. This did not happen during Sierra or El Capitan; am wondering whether it is a one off (needed by this particular supplemental update) or is it a new 'feature' of High Sierra system updates? Certainly hope it is the former ..
  5. indeed, I am afraid subsequent update of 10.13.1 and onwards will face the issue too. let's hope a solution will come to light soon ..
  6. looking for a solution too to this problem, anybody has any progress? thanks much!
  7. Compiling from the above: 1) Upon successful installation / setting up of OSX (choosing your time zone), it will change BIOS time to UTC, leave it. 2) OSX should display the local time correctly upon reboot, but Windows doesn't. 3) To fix Windows time error, launch Regedit. 4) Go to: - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation 5) Right click and create a new DWORD entry "RealTimeIsUniversal" 6) Set the value to 1. 6) Upon reboot, Windows should show the correct local time.