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  1. Hi, i use a fairly standard ICH9 Setup with a DSDT. Normal sleep works, autosleep doesnt (even if i disconnect my dvd drive.) However my biggest problem is that after waking from hibernation, my monitor does not recieve a signal, and i have to pull out its power cord and replug it for it to work. Has anyone had similar issues, and does anyone know a fix for this. I use a 8600GT if thats important. On 10.7.2
  2. Dell Inspiron 530

    Oh, i totally forgot about this threqad :\ Here is a VoodooHDA.kext With Working 8 channel output (10 including headphone autoswitch) The inputs i cant test aswell, but i found that plugging a mic into either front or back port will play it through both outputs anyway... Maybe somebody can improve it? VoodooHDA.kext.zip I think if you have hdmi audio you'll have to add a hdmi device in voodoohda. Im not too sure how, but i think there is info on pr0ject0sx
  3. Dell Inspiron 530

    Ok so I made a kext which has both frontpanel ports working, and read mic + 3/4 line outs. The grey line out doesnt work (AFAIK, maybe my physical port is damaged) and there is no blue lineout rear option in settings as it broke front mic (and im sceptical as to whether it worked.) I'll post up the kext tomorrow, but itd be best if we could get autoswitch working
  4. Dell Inspiron 530

    I use voodooHDA now because of the no sound after sleep issue. I attached my legacy kext( combined all the patches i use) for your benefit to tinker with. I use RAID in bios, but not really raid LegacyPatches.kext.zip EDIT: I modified (well copy and paste) a VoodooHDA to give 4 (3back+1front) stereo channels out and 2 (2 Back 0 front) stereo in. Does anyone know how to fix the front panel mic? It works fine with regular voodoohda, but that only has 2 out and 2 in
  5. Dell Inspiron 530

    I used Kakewalk from my existing snow installation to 'burn' the install files onto a spare partition, and then booted from that using chameleon. I was then able to install without issues from that partition, and i applied my kexts. The only kexts that are NECESSARY are one for audio, fakesmc (or like), and one for data (if you do not use DSDT injection) I'll post up my kexts tomorrow
  6. Dell Inspiron 530

    Thanks so much for the DSDT my sleep works in Lion It works fine, although i removed the SAT0/SAT1 Id's since i use my own plist.
  7. Chameleon v2.1 (Main Trunk)

    I've found that Chameleon 1208 will not load Legacy (PList only) kexts from /E/E Unless i boot with UseKernelCache=No -f. Is there a fix for this? (N.B. I dont need to do this when i boot my snow leo partion, only my lion install)
  8. The kexts are in /Extras/Extensions The ones are Ahci Injectors, One i wrote for bluetooth id injection, wifi id injection Weirdly, they do work if i run "-v -f UseKernelCache=No" Any solutions for this? EDIT: I noticed lots of HDA errors and no sound after sleep. Is this fixable too?
  9. Dell Inspiron 530

    Can you post a DSDT with sleep working?
  10. Hello, ever since i got 10.6.6, when i try to log out, my computer lags and loginwindow process takes 80% and up of my CPU I don't think this is specifically a hardware issue, as my computer had run fine before. Has anyone encountered this? EDIT: I just noticed that the Shutdown, restart and the logout window (the 59 seconds until this happens) dont show up anymore. If i run $ sudo killall loginwindow it 'logs out(messily' and i CAN shut down from the login window.
  11. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    i get ebios errors when using your latest beta. The version from july that i used to use worked fine however
  12. Dell Inspiron 530

    General Info Snow Leopard 10.6.4 (has been running since 10.5.3) latest AnVAl bootloader All Vanilla (Except appleHDA) Working Shutdown/Restart Native Speedstep (Via DSDT) Graphics (with NVIDIA 8600GT, unsure of onboard graphics) Processor (Q6600 with tape mod for 3GHZ) RAID MODE (unsure of actual raid, but system boots when the bios is set to raid) Atleast 3/4 SATA ports (if 3 work, 4 most likely do) Audio Out with 5.1 (Use Aggregate device to achieve this, using ALC 888 Binary modded appleHDA Bluetooth and Card Reader (connected through usb channel) DVD DL/SL + - burning Native Ethernet with additional kext Firewire (TI Firewire card, included by Dell) All Memory SLots (2GB per slot max) PCI Cards Front and Back USB ** These two with community FakeSMC kexts Temperatures (CPU,GPU,HD,Northbride) Fan Speeds Not Working - If you can help with these, Please do Wake up from sleep - (succesfully goes to sleep mode {eg. power light blinks} however, upon wakeup fans increase and decrease speed, while nothing appears on the monitor, and it has no ping{Possibly due to use of WLAN card}) Hibernate (Previously working, unsure of problem) PowerButton bringing up power menu ATTACHED - Dellinspiron530.zip Single Legacy Patches Kext (AHCI, Bluetooth, SMC, AGPM) DSDT.dsl Dellinspiron530.zip
  13. Dell Inspiron 530 Help

    I have atleast 3 of my sata ports working with only my stuff here Shutdown and reboot both work The only problem is sleep :S Makesure you remove sections in legacy patches that are not used by you Archive.zip
  14. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    If i do not have the SSDT tables in the ioreg, whether they are appended to DSDT.aml or in Extra, does that mean i made a mistake somewhere?
  15. AnVAL (ACPI Loader)

    Im sorry to be ignorant but is there a way to load multiple SSDT tables (eg SSDT.aml and SSDT1 to SSDT4.aml) ?